Saturday, October 29

yesterday was sunny


Just the words, Saturday morning, seem to promise sleeping in, slow dawdling with a misplaced coffee half finished here or there as you putter and get pulled into this or that-- a contented, unhurried kind of energy filled with softness, no where to be-- an entire two days stretching out in front of you. Yeah, it may feel that way, but when your google calendar pops up at you with one too many reminders about the days and weeks ahead, you must acknowledge that there's no rest for the wicked.


In other yesterday news, inspired by Maya's share of Three Sisters Stew (which I call soup, but whatever-- those New Yorkers . .), I roasted tomatoes and squash all afternoon which made me feel productive and made the house smell great-- think I'm gonna be calling it 'double bonus soup'.

Today I add in corn, beans and chipolte* and voila: a big pot of soup to enjoy throughout the weekend. (NOTE: eeek! I just went to Maya's site to get the link to the soup and there was SNOW<--! Aaaaah. I am so hoping Provy is warmer than NH and NY and we don't get snow until like, um-- never? Is never too far out there for you all? Right now it is mild and brisk and sunny-- so I am putting my money on never).


DAISY: Whatever happened to Saturdays being all about the snuggle?


HENRY: Yeah, bring me the three sisters of snuggle-- that's what I'm talking about.

Bisous, E

* I said inspired by, I can't follow anyone else's recipe to save my life-- hence my destiny to never be a pastry chef--


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully indulgent weekend. Enjoy. Maddie and I are headed out to a state part to hike and take in what's left of the fall color and smells.

    Hope the snow stays away.


  2. How can you resist the snuggle? Look at those faces... Tell them I would snuggle...

  3. I am loving your photographs!! I've moved to Italy for a month and still I am loving checking in via the google reader. Beautiful beautiful stories and images!!

  4. That first photo is beyond gorgeous! Love the dogs too- do they ever sit ON their beds, or just beside them???

  5. ha ha-- oh yes, they sit on their beds-- that is when they are not sprawled on MY bed (I'm looking at you, Henry . .)

    xo, E


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