Tuesday, November 8

confessions of the odd & unembarrassed


You may feel embarrassment for me in the next few moments-- that is to say, you might see that I don't feel the least bit embarrassed about what I'm going to admit and you might rush to fill the emotional gap by thinking, 'oh that poor girl, she doesn't even know how embarrassed she should feel-- I'll let a few rivers of shame run down my arms on her behalf.'

But really? I wouldn't if I were you-- total waste of your energy. Because I won't even be embarrassed that I caused you to feel embarrassment for me-- so, really-- just tack this one up to anthropological studies of people who are not like you.

It's just so odd that in order to convey the simplest thing (was feeling blue, others were feeling blue, today I feel better, hope you do, too) I am obliged to provide a backdrop as it were-- in this case a shower curtain.


You see, as those who have spent any extended number of days with me will tell you-- I don't like to shower. My aversion to taking a shower may not be easily explained but it is an irrefutable truth. Worse? I hate to wash my hair. Hate.

In fact, when my ship does come in, the first person to sail down the gangplank will be my personal hairdresser who washes my hair for me whenever I want.

(Nope. Still not embarrassed-- just in case you were checking).

So-- you kind of need to know that piece in order for me to tell you the simplest of anecdotes. This past weekend I was feeling the pinch-- whether it was work I didn't want to be doing, bureaucratic paperwork that I felt was endless, change in season, lack of exercise, over eating, chemically induced, environmentally induced-- what.ever. I was scraping myself off the floor in the morning which annoys me to no end.

And when I talked to three different people who were feeling the same way, I thought-- well, maybe it's just in the air.

But then, yesterday I blasted through a ton of work and realized, no-- it was just the work I didn't want to do. The avoidance of the inevitable had grown into a giant mass of negative energy sitting on my head.

Really truly-- the moment I just did the work and stopped thinking about how much I didn't want to do the work, I felt better-- lighter.

And then? You know what I did?

Before I went to bed last night-- I took a shower.

Yep-- this is Michelle's end of day ritual (it kind of hurts my head to type this but she takes a shower every.night.before.bed) Okay so that is never gonna happen for me* but Michelle always explains her habit to me as 'washing away the day's energy'. And that was my motivation last night-- just wash away all the stupid crap in my head and let go of the worries about things I am just going to have to live through-- and wow.

This morning?

A whole new day.


Bisous, E

*I once overheard Amy and Michelle discussing my lack of showering with shock and no small amount of bewilderment until one of them suggested that maybe I was part lizard?


  1. forgive me, E - but you made me chuckle (yes, I just wrote chuckle...) my darling 11 year old daughter could be your twin....just saying...showering and washing her hair is the worst event of the week (yes, week).... or maybe she is part lizard (after all my nickname growing up was Lizardbutt -not sure how I was given that one) my backside does not look anything like a lizard...ask around. thanks for the smile today.

  2. this made me laugh to no end and has really put a smile on my face for the day ..thank you darling and now I must go take a shower :) xoxo

  3. How about if you looked at it like indulging your body's most protective organ in luxury? Just as one would nurture their inside, treat that outer layer to some bubbles & exfoliation & sugar scrubbing.
    A long, hot shower can be a game changer.
    For me, it's a daily necessity. I come from a line of European farmers ;)

  4. Bwahaha ha! This one almost. ALMOST. made me post the photo I took of you SHOWERED--hair wet so obviously washed--looking radiant as ever. Just to prove to you that you are right. But that seems redundant in light of this post wherein you seem to have learned some sort of valuable lesson. And I swore I'd never post it. So there's that.
    But I do believe you are part lizard.
    And I'm busy now anyway, off to take a shower in my uber tricked-out bathroom. And maybe use ALL the products on the shelf...

  5. Just want you to know that I NEVER shower. I don't like showers. I only bathe in the tub. And I HATE washing my hair (I do that bending over the tub). You are not alone, if that makes you feel any better and I feel no embarrassment for you whatsoever! There. How's that for validation?
    xo kd (karin)

  6. No showers? How strange. I hate bathing in a tub, I always feel I have to take a shower afterwards to rinse off the scum.

    I had a huge claw foot tub for 20+ years and I probably took a bath 3 times. Even though I WANT to like it (and have the myriad bottles of bubble bath to prove it), it just isn't ever going to happen.

  7. I like the getting clean part, but resent the TIME it all takes, especially the hair. Oh, how I hate washing & drying my hair. I will admit to going as many days as I can without doing that. If I looked even remotely good in short hair I'd cut it all off.

  8. Hee! I love showers. Especially poundy ones that make my shoulders relax. And that last photo? SO GORGEOUS!

  9. HA! I love showers too but hey, we all have our differences right...that's what makes life so much darn fun :) I usually refer to you as a dirty W anyway so now this just confirms it! xo

  10. BJ Lantz stole my comment, but I don't want to cut off my hair because then I would have to shower more! Ponytails are priceless.

  11. I don't think it's something to be embarrassed about, I know I certainly go too many days too often between showers, but it's not showering that I hate, it's taking time out of my day to do it. It's one of those things that HAS to be done, and I resent that I have to stop what I am doing, take off all my clothes, wash myself, dry off (which is SOO uncomfortable in the peaks of summer and winter in N.E.) and then get dressed again. But, I'd rather be annoyed than stinky every few days.

    I took a quick stop at the beach Tuesday, too. Beautiful, amazing New England weather, it was a GIFT.


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