Thursday, November 3



In case I don't get in here tomorrow to do a top ten-- which is very possible since I have to be first in line at the DMV in order to not have to spend the entire day there-- I wanted to share a link from The Drawing Board (one of my fave go-tos). Reflections on the muse is a lovely list of observations about the ephemeral ways of the muse.

Must be the season cause I am all about conversations with the muse right now. Not that you'd see it in this space-- alas.


However, there is much with the newness this first week of November. Front entry (outdoors) got all spiffed and weeded and wow-- who knew there was a yard in my front yard? Dogs and I are on a fresh morning routine -- out the door into dark empty streets-- rounding the bend to home as the sun is pouring down boulevards and cars are starting their engines.


My lesson of the month seems to be a deeper understanding of how important it is I stop saying what I think someone wants to hear (in an effort to please them, to avoid confrontation, to not be rejected, etc) and to say 'no' when what I want to say is, no.

A simple thing, right? You all mastered this years ago-- but it seems I am still on the loop of learning that avoiding conflict does not result in less hurt feelings. Ah, no--- every layer of avoidance intensifies and heightens the amount of pain that could have been minimized had I only said my piece clearly in the first place.


Surely I have mentioned this before but, holy hella I HATE all the learning through mistakes crap. Hate. Want to be perfect now. Want to never hurt anyone's feelings now. Want to know how to do everything correctly right, now.

Where is my life manual?!! (not that I would read it, but you know, at least I could hunt around the house for it and curse my lack of filing skills that I misplaced it or threw it out with the box it came in-- always pleasure in that activity)

Okay-- gotta fly now--

Someone had asked if the dogs ever actually get on the dogs beds--

Ah, yes-- they do-- behold:


Bisous, E


  1. Ha ha- proof of dogs using their beds! Henry is looking like Daisy is on HIS bed in this last photo- sooo cute! Diane

  2. I don't know who you're talking to sista but who said saying NO was simple for everyone else! Hardest.thing.ever! xoxo

  3. Got love those life lessons! Saying NO is darn hard and takes lots and lots of practice and brain re-wiring.. keep shining the light you are so on your path.


  4. PS: love the dogs in their beds!!

  5. are those glow in the dark stars on your ceiling (first pic) or reflections from something sparkly hanging in one of your luscious windows. in any case...delightful. :)

  6. Saying no is only easy AFTER THE FACT. Henry looks like he's telling Daisy she should ask for reimbursement for having to pose on that bed. Hee!

  7. Urgh. That is so hard. I'm learning the same lesson right now, and it is NOT. EASY.

    But I'm learning it's vital.

    As always, I love your photos of your surroundings, your home, your dogs.


  8. yeah, what melissa said. i'm all hung up about what to do about no.

  9. NO. That is the hardest word ever. I don't know if I will EVER get to the point that it is easy. But, it is MUCH easier when you don't have a choice. Those puppies are so adorable! xo


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e