Tuesday, November 22

oh Monday, I hardly knew ye --


When we last saw our heroine she was comparing her bureaucratic woes to the battle of Waterloo, but it seems things have gotten worse. . . .

My friends, have you ever heard of Stalingrad?

Oh. My. Hell.

(And damn-- whatever happened to my ability to be blissfully irreverent? Hmm? Is this a side affect of the aging process-- because one-third of my being is fighting to rip down what I just typed because the comparison of an insignificant petty annoyance to the crucible of cruelty, courage and human suffering seems beyond the pale. But damn my one-third sensibility. I like taboo-smashing humor and I'm not creating any altars to warfare-- so there you have it, an inside peek to my justification process-- patent pending.)

At last count, there were eleven separate documents that had to be filled and processed in order for me to progress into that status of "legal citizen." (Some of you may be gratified to learn that both dogs are fully licensed so in the event I am hauled off to jail for failure to properly process paperwork, they will be free to roam the streets and alleys of Providence seeking sustenance from the kindness of strangers.)

Eleven. That was um, three months ago and despite valiant, consistent efforts-- I am now at, um-- EIGHT that are still pending. The hell?

Seriously, if my paperwork was a skit from the Three Stooges it would make more sense-- I send it out and five days later back it comes. One example that sums up what is happening across the board: the title to my car. I mentioned to you that I was all set to head to the DMV (and by all set I mean I had carefully scheduled the trip and planned for it) when it became apparent that I had stashed my title three years ago somewhere very, very safe. So safe that it can not be found.

Okay, not the end of the world. I call State of NH and they set me up with the form to apply for a replacement title. Done and dusted.

Except that it was returned because they show a lien on the title. And so now I have to track down some lovely Chase Manhattan customer service agent in some busy office in India to find proof that I indeed paid off my car lo, these long three years ago. Which I did. And now they are sending me proof-- which I will then turn around and send to NH who will **fingers crossed** issue me a duplicate title so that I can then wait two hours in line to register my freaking vehicle.

Oh modern life--- the good times we have together.

Yes. And that is just one of the eleven. And they are all like that-- going out, coming back, wrong, missing, needing-- and that would all be okay if all I wanted to do all day was deal with these silly legalities-- but um, am super, crazy **excited** but exhausted but secretly thrilled but positively terrified with all the new and exciting stuff going on for squam which will launch a brand-new website in um, 23 days . .. eeeep.


More soon--

Bisous, E


  1. I feel your pain, Sistah. Seems like every day brings some little snippit of "things to deal with" hell to snatch away moments we'll never get back. Oh, and that shot of the branches...amazing. LOVE it and the little twinkle. Perfection.

  2. I can so relate to the chase fiasco.. Right before Serendipity I turned in my old car for a new lease and we couldn't find our secret stash for important items like the title.. called as you did and found out Chase still had the lien thing.. we got it straighted out but added more time to the process..hope yours works out smoothly.. that last pic is fantastic!

  3. ooh, you minx! can't wait for that squam update...let's see, how many more days til i can register? oh, and those safe hiding places? i know them well -- i just wish i could remember where they were...

  4. use my system for important documents: i have everything paperclipped together, and safely in a large manila envelope. that way it's all safely & neatly together. yes. all my important stuff. in a large manila envelope. wait - don't rush me...ummm...somewhere. oy. you're on your own. sorry queen.

  5. scamp (aka Shirley)November 22, 2011 at 8:46 AM

    Waiting with baited breath for the squam update. Waiting impatiently for that all important sign up date.
    And as far as the hiding papers--that I have no problem with. It's remembering what I was about to do when I got sidetracked three minutes ago that gives me fits...

  6. Holy Hell, woman! Paperwork and I don't mix either. Even paperwork that would give me money. I am terrible! I cannot fathom 11 (eleven!) things to deal with. I cannot even get reimbursed for a conference I went to in September.

    That last photo blew (or blue) me away! So flippin' beautiful! I can't wait to hear about the excitement at Squam. Yay! xoxo

  7. Oh. My. Goodness. I am so excited about your SQUAM news! Hang in there with the paper work...also when we were at OB, NC you said to hook you up with my coauthor....here is her website http://readingswithshannon.com/
    Check her out...I love her dearly and used her insight as a second opinion for years!

  8. Ugh. That does not sound fun AT ALL.

    I've got a nasty little issue I'm needing to resolve as well that has been going on SINCE JANUARY. Yes, that is eleven months ago. No, I did not get the full information I needed along the way as I have tried to deal with this issue. Yes, it has now affected my credit even though it was never my fault but the fault of incorrectly processed paperwork. Yes, that means I have to begin the dispute process with all three credit bureaus. Yes, that process will take forever. No, I have not started it.

    Whew. Yeah. So, I hear you.

    PS: Your two photographs in this post are stunning and made me smile. Bright spot in the day!


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