Friday, November 18

walking the labyrinth (with a latte)


Woke up this morning feeling light, energized not the least bit hungover, wiped out or exhausted. Makes no sense at all. But there you have it.

Life, you paradoxical minx, you!


Nothing like the feeling of full out sunshine after two days of dark rain. Something so revitalizing about the contrast. Either that, or a day in Gotham is like getting my batteries charged. Your call.

One of the best links I could possibly be sent arrived today via the lovely Camille.
Allow me to share it with you.

On Inspiration, Guest Post by Alexander Chee

If this were on paper, it would be dogworn from me reading it, folding it, tucking it back in my pocket, unfolding it, reading it, folding it, tucking it back in my pocket-- wash.rinse.repeat.-- but lucky for us it can remain immaculate in its pixelated wonder.


Bisous, E


  1. Hey.. I stopped by today and read the linky you have above.. can I just say Perfect timimg.. Having a bit of writers blog in poetry class and I really do feel I get stuck when something I write feels untrue (is that even a word?)


  2. You could print it out and fold it up and put it right in your pocket, couldn't you?



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