Friday, December 9

blithe spirit


It's true that I am rather cavalier about most things-- preferring to save all my energy for those ideas that render me wild with passion.

And then there are big projects that I leap into with about as much pre-thought as which shoe I'm going to put on first. Then, when I wake up in the middle of said project I wonder oh my god, how did I get into this? when will it end? was I insane to begin it? will it be what I imagined it could be? do they even make prescriptions for valium anymore?


For so much of my life those projects were all on me-- I was the donkey, the cart and the whip-- but no more. Next week at this time the squam site will be refreshed, revamped and all around retooled and boy, have I had help. Loads and loads-- which you will see at the great unveiling-- and man, does it change the world I live in to be part of such a luminous collaboration.

Meantime, Santa has his list and I have my punch list to ensure that we do, in fact, launch on schedule. (Let's not forget Mercury is retrograde and might want to mess with me-- but I am making offerings to the altar of this trickster planet that he might suck on a lollipop and give me a break just this once).


So, because I have little to share as most of what's new with me is not ready for primetime, here are a few links for you.

this beautiful exhibit by Joetta Maue
via Angela's Ace Camp Journal

2. Mark Ruffalo - I love you more than ever

3. “One could argue that the real customer of the Postal Service is now the direct mailer; it is a channel for advertising,” said Chuck Teller, founder of Catalog Choice, an online service in Berkeley, Calif., that helps people get their names off catalog mailing lists; this requires submitting the customer numbers on unwanted catalogs that arrive in the mailbox, one by one. And the problem is not just annoyance. Direct-mail advertising generates an estimated 10 billion pounds of waste each year, costing cities an estimated $1 billion to dispose of it, according to Catalog Choice."

It annoys me to no end to be inundated with catalogs, mailers, flyers that I did not ask for The fact that my tax dollars pay for this fresh hell is only surpassed by the horrific waste and tax on the planet.

4. I just love this painting.


I trust you are all keeping calm and carrying on in this shortest month with the longest to-do lists . .

Bisous, E


  1. i was lucky enough to see joetta's work at the cultural center of cape cod a few years ago -- have always loved her work!

  2. I am so with you on number 3! A couple of months ago I started returning the pages with my address back to the sender asking to be removed from their mailing lists. I am also keeping copies of this request so that I have a trail in case they don't stop. But it's very tedious work and of course costs me a stamp each time. I've never heard of Catalog Choice and will have to check them out, thanks for the link!

  3. I'm not one for banning things but I do believe that paper catalogs should be least until there is some simple means of removing oneself from the mailing list. I'm on everyone's bloody list and it drives me crazy! The waste is horrifying.

  4. Holy Moly. Those book sculptures are gorgeous! And I love the whole mystery and message! Thanks for sharing....xo


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