Monday, December 5

christmas came early

the lovely Noel

Oy. The poor girl. DO you think she has had to put up with that not-funny joke her entire life? Um, yes. And yet--- I revel in my profound unoriginality.

All I really had to say was -- what a perfectly magical weekend thanks to a visit from my darling Noel. We did quite a bit in the last three days-- a whirlwind, if you will-- with the centerpiece being a stop in on the RISD art sale (damn if I didn't find some treasures) and many a long walk over hill and dale (well, hills anyway) of Providence.

We even had an impromptu Sunday morning playfest with my neighbor and her baby who allowed us to feast on his arms, neck and toes--- lucky for us, the kid refuses to wear socks or shoes. Makes nibbling easy.


But now it is Monday and I must remark yet again on the strange properties of this twelfth month. (<--say that 5 times fast with a mouth full of crackers).

Yesterday was the first of December and today is the fifth. Isn't that fascinating how it goes? Tomorrow will be the fifteenth--


I trust you are keeping pace with it all and finding those moments to stop and focus on a happy thought.

Bisous, E


  1. I love how your photos remind me to slow down, take a step forward and look for the magic of the details.

    And yes ... how did we go from November moxie to December despair? An advent calendar reminds me daily that I am woefully behind! Oh, and a seven year old who has been saying for weeks (? ) "I can't wait 'til Christmas!" Santa and those elves need to get crackin'! (how much can one girl knit in less than 3 weeks ... I will get back to you ...)
    xo Lis

  2. I miss Noel!!
    I have been terrible with emails and such and realized I never thanked her for my necklace. And here i am saying it here instead of email her...
    ok ok ok ...going to email now and hope her heart is big enough to forgive my simpleton brain that I spazzed on a basic "thank you"...
    **hangs head in shame**

    can't wait to see you guys soon!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e