Friday, December 30

let's cruise on into this better than ever street*


The year ahead presents me with a wee bit of a situation.

You see, along with the redesign of the squam site came a blog with comments. And, for anyone who has been traveling along with me lo, these five years-- the squam blog never had comments and I only ever posted in there once a month or so-- and then, when I did, it was general updates, announcements, info share sorts of things.


Yeah well, seems I've got a team pushing me to up my game a bit and so I am going to be posting there on a much more frequent basis-- more like once or twice a week.

Not such a big deal, but it turns out, I only have the one voice. I don't have a biz voice and a me voice-- it's all the same thing. End result-- if I post there, I am wondering how I am going to also be posting here with anything much different.


Of course, I won't be sharing random photos of my walks with the dogs, or talking about the strange appeal of turrets at the squam site-- but I am going to have to see how this all shakes out cause right now-- this is pretty much all I've got to say about my foray into the Mayan Year of Questionable Outcome.


Just giving you a heads up-- in case I go awol, although I really hope that doesn't happen. Sharing photos and my rambling mind with you all is such a steady joy. I can't tell you enough what your comments and emails mean to me-- they really give me so much encouragement and make me feel so connected to each of you, even though it's an odd connection, isn't it?

I think Emily Dickinson would be proud of us, though--- spirit to spirit connection via nothing more than words and images. In fact, who but the woman in white would savor the sweet anonymity offered by blogging? (Though of course I am no longer anonymous, I am guessing she would be).

But I forget what I was going on about-- oh right, you guys rock my world. So, I will surely continue this scene-- it's just-- I feel suddenly like I have two blogs, and that's a weird sensation-- one that I'm gonna have to work out.

Which I will.

I think. (I hope).

Meantime, dogs are home.


And, someday soon I have to tell you the open heart story of winter solstice-- wild and uncanny so don't let me forget to do that-- and, *trumpets please* I am the proud owner of a most wondrous slow cooker thanks to my mom (thanks mom!) and you are sure to be riveted (riveted) by my tales of meals that made themselves.

May your New Year's Eve be sweet and the morning after, even sweeter.


Bisous, e

P.S. *lyrics from Aretha Franklin's Freeway of Love


  1. It's not too long ago that I found your blog here and I am really enjoying your photos and ramblings, Elizabeth! Hope you find a way to continue those, whether here or there. Happy amazing New Year! Kerstin

  2. I hope the first meal in that new slow cooker has polenta, and beans, and roasted tomatoes, and ... and. . . happy new year, my sweet sweet friend. xo

  3. Happy New Year - blogs, dogs and a wonderful Squam mug of course! :) many blessings for 2012 .....hugs, beth

  4. I can't wait to read about your slow cooker ventures...I could use a few good recipes :) Happy New Year my dear....2012 is lookin' good! xo

  5. I will stalk Amy for the polenta recipe later.
    Love you. Love your pics & updates, wherever they are. Happy to see your loves are home. Wishing you peace in the new year. xo

  6. Squam is no longer just your voice, though...isn't there a team helping you? Why not incorporate their voices, too?

    I have a feeling you won't go awol, at least not much. Your voice and your presence are so strong here. Besides, we'd just stalk you until you came back...we love you too much to let you just disappear :D Happy New Year, E! Big smooch to the doggities, too.

  7. I love my slow cooker and Amy's polenta recipe is one of my favorites.

    Happy new year! May it bring you all the love and happiness and light you bring to everyone else!


  8. Welcome Home pooches...slow cookers rock.
    Big love to you and yours this New Years Eve.


  9. love your reference to emily dickinson and the spirit connections via words and images. i am astounded on a daily basis by the creative energies and love that surround us, that i am bumping into as i begin to put myself out there.

    will love any updates on slow cooker revelations/recipes ;) i love the idea of them, but have yet to stumble upon favorite recipes.

    your words and images and energy are jewels. you will be read here, at squam, or wherever.

  10. You will be fine with the two blogs! You're such a good writer that I'm sure you'll slip into the groove naturally. I wish you the best with the new blog, although I'm sure you won't need it!

  11. 'meals that made themselves' that.

    happy new year, miss elizabeth. happy. new. year.


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