Tuesday, December 20

stumbling toward the bedroom


After the new site launched on Thursday, I spent most of Friday combing out the snarls that are always a part of any new web up-do. Saturday I caught a flight to Philadelphia (thanks to Lolo who spent two days here being surrogate spoiler to the pups) and spent the weekend with the family in celebration of my dad's birthday.

Got home late Sunday night-- Monday must have been in there somewhere because I am looking at the calendar and it is insisting that today is Tuesday-- which I would totally challenge except I am too tired and feel like two solid days of nothing but sleep sounds pretty marvelous. So I've decided to let the calendar win this argument if it promises to show me vast, open, uncharted, unscheduled space in the days ahead. Not sure it is aware of this bargain I have made with it (do any of you speak fluent calendar?)


No? Okay-- well-- I'll let you know how it goes. Meantime, hope you are liking what your days are bringing to your door and hoping the holidays are sweet on you.


Bisous, e

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