Saturday, December 10

surprises can sometimes be sweet


This morning, I was surprised by a hawk. He flew right over head so that I could see all the layers of gold in his wings and his soft and white breast. He landed in a tree not far from me and I thrilled to be near him without having to be far from the city. We were in the park for our morning constitutional. He was alive and free and seemed to have a plentiful supply of small rodents to feast upon.

This made me supremely happy.

Another fabulous share from Crissy Liu is this wild story that fills my heart in much the same way--- pure beauty for the sake of beauty-- creative endeavor for the sheer pleasure and delight. Enjoy: mysterious paper sculptures


Bisous, E


  1. I love this! What a great idea! Reminds me of Swirly's 100 books project.

  2. You always post such beautiful photos, Elizabeth! The top one in particular is such a stunner. Something about the colors and textures - it looks painted! What a beautiful capture.


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