Monday, January 16

fuzzy pink tree (in january!)


When people tell me (with no small amount of disdain, bien entendu) "oh, I don't like abstract art," it's all I can do to bite my tongue and not reply, "really? do you, um, ever, you know, walk outside?"


But then, I'm probably biased-- or my brain is on a permanent 'full-tilt' setting (<--more than likely)-- because I pretty much see abstraction in everything.


Was a pretty crazy week with no shortage of 14 hour days .. dogs weren't very happy with me, but you know-- they can go start a support group for spoiled needy dogs who must suddenly fend for themselves without someone's full and undying attention for days on end.

photo taken July 2011

Or, they can just be dogs.


And, there are no words to thank this soul for all that he did to help ours-- so I will just say, thank you Martin Luther King, Jr.-- thank you.


Bisous, e


  1. A wonderful post that "shows instead of tells". And I agree about the dogs. Mine is so well cared for that I believe a little stress is good for the soul - even a beloved animal's. Grazie. Andrea

  2. Absolutely- thank you, Dr. King. And- I too see abstraction in nature and symmetry and beauty. As for spoiled needy dogs... I've got one here who could join in the support group. She's taken over the couch as I type- mess. xo

  3. In my first life when I was on the curatorial staff of a major art museum, the Senior Curator
    used to say in reply to that sort of remark, "You mean, you don't like fireworks either."

  4. Ah, your photos are magnificent as always. And that picture of Henry sleeping on a little cot just for him...I just want to squeeze in next to him and nuzzle his neck.

    And I will join the ranks of the gratitude pouring fourth for Martin Luther King Jr. He was an amazing man. I am in awe of him.

  5. oh, the last photo loving.

    i think some folks are scared to think in the abstract...they like facts, definition, familiarity, constancy. but if there weren't souls like martin luther king, jr. who thought in the abstract - and you, sharing said notion - where in the world would we be...?

    the abstractions in thought, the abstractions in art, the abstractions in nature...if we look for them, if we're open to them...amazing things are there.

  6. your photographs are just beautiful, simply and utterly amazing! xx

  7. Beautiful post, gorgeous photos :), and yes thank you Dr. King!!! And I think I would also ask those that say they don't like abstract art, "um, do you dream????"

  8. #3 and 4 oh yes abstract art for sure. All beautiful.

  9. I for one love the abstact in life and your pics are a perfect example of the beauty of abstract out there in nature..

    love to the pups and you
    Karen D


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