Tuesday, January 24

lolo saves the day (again)


Good news-- I am not so crazy after all. Somehow I think I should be able to keep up and do and be and yet, my uber competent niece arrives, smoothes my feathers, makes me laugh, spends 10 hours working on my office to sort, organize and file and I am only now seeing the light. If it took her 10 hours all the while I am still keeping the gerbil wheel spinning, well then-- no way I could do both cause that surely would be some kind of coco-for-cocoa puffs.

Lolo comes back Wednesday for another hit that will surely have the clouds parting--and then on Friday she will arrive with an overnight bag or two as she settles in to keep the pups alive for the week as I head to London with Sissy.


Yes, that's right. Last hurrah trip for the soon-to-be mother of two. We have a pretty exciting little itinerary planned (well, that is she has compiled quite the list-- I'm just following where she leads) and I am going to bring my camera along so you can join in. We'll be there for an art workshop with a teacher I have been dreaming about for many a long year. And then, of course, we will be in Big Ben town where we will celebrate Susannah's birthday and hang with the one and only Leonie.


Hard to believe January ends this weekend. Hand to heart, if you asked me the date I would tell you with all sincerity that it was December 15th or possibly the 16th. With any luck, once February opens her door, I'll be back in sync and on pace with all of you lovelies.

So glad you liked the links-- saved two of the best for last.

All you readers out there, Shari has compiled the list of lists for some mid-winter reading pleasure part one here and part two here.


bisous, e


  1. hells to the YEAH!!!

    (and i didn't know C had another one in the oven -- that's insane! and awesome too, of course -- you know what i mean :D

  2. Have fun in the UK, may it fill you with lots of juicy goodness.


  3. Oh, your photos are so lovely...pink tulips? Heaven. Have a great trip! I really wish I had a niece that would come and sort stuff for me...I could keep her busy for quite a while!

  4. these photos! so lovely. i think i need some tulips...
    and, yes, a niece to help with sorting and organizing..i could use that too!
    and a trip to london? someday...
    enjoy the goodness and take lots of photos for yourself...and, of course, us ;)
    happy travels!

  5. LONDON! O o o o!! have a super super time (so close...so CLOSE!) :)

  6. WHAT! You're coming to London?! Call me! xxx

  7. the pink tulips are gorgeous! hi e. thanks for the link to my reading list. what are you reading these days? xox


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