Sunday, January 8

oh, and music helps, too


In college, when deadlines loomed, I would often find myself running laundry or organizing shelves before I could finally settle my ass in the chair and get any writing/studying done.

Yesterday, I futzed about-- whining and mewling (to myself obvs, the dogs tune me out)-- unable to find the hook to get me focused on the tasks at hand. Finally, at about 3:30 I decided the very best thing I could do would be to take the dogs to the beach and get myself an ice cream.


Apparently the one-two punch of 'run away and indulge your inner child' must've worked because I came home, emptied out the refrigerator, scrubbed it top to bottom and then tackled my desk and cleaned that as well. Woke up this morning and everything is right in the kingdom--well, except for the part about having got any of the work I needed to get done, done-- but I feel optimistic. The sun is shining-- the weather is spectacular-- seriously, warm and spring like-- and it seems I may have clarified my focus. *fingers crossed*


Maybe it's that by conquering small, domestic tasks I can more easily sink into those that require the use of my limited gray matter? Or, maybe I am just housekeeper via procrastination? Who knows-- but it seems to be my rather odd methodology for getting big projects done.

How about you? Any tried and true approaches that consistently get you up and over the wall-- (besides, you know, just doing it in the first place)?


bisous, e


  1. Hi Elizabeth and Good Morning,
    I was just talking to the screen saying, "These are just the most beautiful pictures!" My dog ignores me too- in fact, she's snoring. She's awaiting a ramble and knows it will be a while.
    Okay, so getting over my "stuff" to get stuff done- interesting story. I used to be a full-tilt grad student, now I dip my toe in the shallow end- oh, if I even have my suit on that day. Like you, I just have to do other things until I settle my energy down. I think I might have been more productive while enrolled in school b/c of the whole schedule/ due date thing. Otherwise, I'd rather not. Life for me is too juicy to be "disciplined." And, I found out recently, it's just the way I am- INFP according to Meyers- Briggs.

  2. my ex-boss used to tell us to Bite The Frog every morning...the "frog" being the least desirable task we have waiting (and waiting and waiting). then the rest of the day is clear-ish sailing, with that looming weight off the shoulder. In theory - it works great. i just have to define when "morning" is :)

  3. Beautiful photos! I tend to procrastinate myself. Like right now, I'm supposed to be catching up on some work, but obviously, I'm here reading your blog. I find I just need to make myself do things, but like you, I tend to decide late in the day to get a move on it! But, then I do bust it out.

  4. I plan a party for ten 15 year olds. Nothing like impending doom to inspire you to put the Christmas things away.

  5. loving the softness of these images...paired with the soft indulgences of beach walks and ice cream.

    i am quite a good procrastinator...things drag and loom. best bet for me is to make a list, as i *love* crossing things off once completed. but when i procrastinate making said lists??? oh, i'm in trouble...
    i don't have a beach nearby. but i could always try the ice cream ;)

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the reflections and that the sun is appearing to set over water in the if you are in CA not in RI..! :)
    You and my daughter had the same full moon experience yesterday - it took her 6 1/2 hours to compose two small book reports - one page each.
    If you go to the dictionary (or google) and look up procrastination - you'll find my picture there....that said - I do take breaks - I do need to organize before beginning a task and I need to have a feeling of inspiration - I feel it in my body - before something comes through. It's like ripples of energy - as if I'm standing on the edge - and then I jump in.

  7. I just do it. Can't procrastinate about to-do lists; I seem to be hard-wired to buzz through them like a chainsaw. But if I had a beach like that and a camera like that? Well now, things might be different, yesirree.

  8. Well, I like how you think! Sounds like the perfect approach to me ...

    I do find if my space is cluttered then it is hard for me to settle into the task at hand. So I don't believe cleaning or tidying is procrastination. Actually, for me that kind of work (and walking my dog as well!) allow my mind the space and time to wander around and through ideas. Often I stumble upon the structure I was needing, the pathway into the project that previously had me bamboozled. (Had to get "bamboozled" into a sentence today.) Water in general helps me to flow creatively ...

    Can you hear the mail truck cluggin' their way towards you? ;)

    xo Lis

  9. First off your photography is poetic...
    Secondly, cleaning is my go to fix. It calms me, centers me, and helps me think better. A fit of dusting and straightening my living areas allowed me to let go of some pint up emotions. I do have to say, I feel better too. :)

  10. I do the same thing, whenever a task is at hand I totally focus on something non related..

    sometimes actually going for a walk does help me slow down and focus a bit.

    xo to you and the pups.
    Karen D

  11. Your photos are beautiful Elizabeth. It looks so balmy for January.

    I usually eat when I procrastinate so in my book housecleaning or a stroll along the beach is much better!

    One trick I do use is setting a timer. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just 15 focused minutes, or if you're feeling bold, a 1/2 hour.


  12. I saved this post because I wanted to write a really witty and thoughtful comment. But let's face it, the days go by and I am tired and my brain is not up to deep thinking. But because I mean it I wanted to at least tell you how much I loved these photos, they are gorgeous!! xo

  13. Truly scrumptious photos, E! xoxo

  14. Wow, what a beautiful place you live in! Your pics are gorgeous, and yes,being outside and in nature sets me right every time. Housekeeping will never be something I excitedly go to! But some music in my headphones and just picking one thing a day to work on usually does it :). Honestly though, I never feel caught up, and I have learned to be okay with that too :).


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e