Tuesday, January 3

oh, you guys!


Oh my gosh-- your comments just lay me out in lavender . . (which, I don't really know what that means so had to go and google it to find out it sort of means beautified and ready for burial-- so I guess I can let it stay).

I almost didn't share that story because I didn't know quite how to without sounding like a total narcissist when that wasn't the story at all so I am so very glad I did, that you got it and that it made you feel good, too.

Yeah-- it was such a sweet way to start the year. Of course, in typical Elizabeth fashion-- yesterday had me slammed into the wall. No rhyme, no reason-- just energetically gutted and we all know how I feel about that so moving on.

There are going to be some super fun giveaways this week at Susannah's (going on now) Amanda's (tomorrow) Maya's (Thursday) and Helene's (Friday) so do be sure to check in on their sites to get your name in the hat-- I would love one of you to be the winner . .

Also check the squam blog tonight as word on the street Michelle has something good to share.

Now for some eye candy:

a pretty mudroom

I actually have to make myself a few (okay like five)of these draft dodgers

a shade of blue that I adore

black sticky gingerbread, oh my YES, please!

and, a really great post that resonated with me:
"I am buying flowers. I am arranging them. I am making coffee. I am fighting with my boyfriend. I am lamenting the loss of a friend. I am talking to my mother. I am driving. I am digging a flower bed. I am checking email on my phone. I am feeling guilty. I am thinking about the end of the world. I am considering what to make for dinner."

bisous, e


  1. I am so glad that you shared that story. I have been thinking about it all day. I have been sort of a mess today, so it was the perfect thing to hold on to. I am *almost* ready to watch the video :)

  2. This may not be the correct blog entry to post this; but, the "magic cup" brought a smile. During the holidays hubby crafted me a fairy door! Made of wood with hinges that allow the door to open and shut. It is so sweet and he made it after seeing one of my sketches. Now, that is truly magic!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e