Sunday, January 22

whereupon I crash and burn like the Hindenburg

21 january 2011

On the calendar for this weekend was a long overdue playdate with Tara who was going to come down yesterday afternoon through tonight. She called about 3pm to see how the roads were (it had been snowing steadily since morning).

: You sound tired.
Me: Probably because I am in bed. I generally sound more sleepy when I am lying down.
Tara: It's the middle of the afternoon.
Me: I know-- I've been getting ready for your visit-- the living room was a tornado of office-gone-wild and then I had laundry to run. I thought it might be good if I went prostrate for a bit, but it seems I need one of those clappers to call for help.
Tara: Let's reschedule.
Me: Sounds like a good idzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

When I woke up it was 7:30pm. Early evening on a Saturday night, but I swear I had to stare at the clock for like 10 minutes to figure out where I was, what day it was and if it was morning or night.

The hard crash. This morning it took me more than an hour to get the energy to shovel off the car and get the dogs out for a big walk. I wish I were someone who could just bounce from big project to big project-- but that is so not me. And, this post-- I believe is the most repeated thing I write here, yes? Do you ever notice that bloggers have like one central story and all of their posts loop back to that one defining thing? I notice it, anyway-- and no doubt my annoying repetition is: omg ama so tahrrrrrred.*

But! I come bearing links--- so if you are hankering for some better places to travel on the internet-- voila:

1. How to start your day like a rockstar

2. 25 ways to be unsuccessful

3. the joy of quiet (I have linked to this before, haven't I? if yes, sorry for the repeat)

4. beware the saboteur (thx, Dave)

5. top 5 regrets (per one nurse)

6. wicked cool: foreclosure quilts

7. not sure if I love this post more for the recipe or the description of her home in disarray

8. I'll be the first to admit that I need an intervention for my textile addiction, but this website is not helping

9. this is an old link so I trust you've already seen it around

10. how I handle criticism

*yes, of course I have called in the calvary---> Lolo arrives tonight. Order and energy will soon be restored to the kingdom.

bisous, e


  1. Even crashed and burned you are hilarious and amazing and generous (with the linky love!). Hurray for the cavalry! Ta-rah!

  2. Wow...never read the link to "Joy of Quiet" until now. LOVE IT....but you probably knew you'd hear that from me :) Here's to the slooowwwww............

  3. I can't wait to explore these links...once I am rested up and can find some time....I completely get tahhhhhred. Been a way of life this month...

  4. Holy crap, this is an incredible list of links! Thank you, E! I give you permission to continue having slow mornings, taking naps, and zoning out.

  5. REally loved and appreciate #10!!



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