Friday, January 13

yesterday it was monday, today it is friday?

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Please be advised-- as I gaze about my apartment this morning with a chill, gray mist outside and piles of papers, sweaters, half-empty mugs of tea, pens, folders and boxes upon boxes, dogs mewling at me (deservedly so as we have had no big walks together this week) -- it bears very little resemblance to this: Elizabeth's Urban Artist Retreat.

I am deep in the mail bags of processing registrations which explains why I found it so impossible to move forward last weekend thinking about what this week could be like-- I believe they call that "flashback terror."

No, surely I kid-- surely.

It's all good-- Michelle is here, Kat came through with giggles, lunch and good cheer AND, a bouquet of fresh fruit with chocolate strawberries arrived yesterday from this pretty lady.

Wow-- what a life. But for all of you who don't like my dedicated pursuit of the positive (and yes, you have made your presence known, ahem) there are any number of challenges in this work that can make me sit and hold my head while my dogs lick my face.

Happily, eating chocolate-covered strawberries is one of the perks.

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Bisous, e


  1. Sending you my best Katie Gibbs vibes that I can muster....(yes...I went to Katherine Philly - not my finest hour...but hey it got better) :) Chocolate makes everything better!

  2. that's what friends and dogs are for.. to feed us spirit and body and are you sure the pup wasn't trying to lick that chocolate off your face.. lol

    Sending you Michelle smooth reggie vibes with lots of chocolate breaks..


  3. Someone doesn't appreciate the dedicated pursuit of the positive? Haters gotta hate!

  4. I figured out recently that negativeland is like quicksand - you gotta be careful - and there are people in it like zombies with hands reaching out for you - good for your steering clear of it! I love you for reminding me of that cause just now I needed that reminder, sistah!

  5. Oooh, Apartment Therapy! Clicked on the pictures there and had to laugh--at this moment I am wearing the *exact* same outfit as you in the pic (black yoga pant/long sleeved gray t-shirt combo). If only I had a fuzzy dog head to scritch too!

    Your place is lovely, thanks for sharing it.

  6. I have finally caught up with you (again!). I think it sounds wonderful to have such great support as you work. It is one of my favorite things to have good friends that are colleagues. The energy and excitement of new work is one of those things in life that I am most thankful for. Hope you guys get a lot done and have fun while doing it!

  7. so glad you're enjoying the perks...good friends, loyal pups, fruit, chocolate.
    i am indebted to you and everyone who has anything to do with squam...i can't wait!

    loved seeing your space in the urban artist retreat. what a fabulous haven you've created.

    pursuit of the positive...onward!

  8. I loved your Apartment Therapy expose! You totally motivated me to replace a lamp I "couldn't afford to replace" :) Got a pair of sexy candleholders to boot!

  9. I'm writing the introduction to my PhD right now, surrounded by books, papers, coffee cups and data sticks scattered around me in disarray. And, every half hour or so, I take a break to run round the garden with my beloved dog, to whom, at this rate, is going to get top billing in the thesis dedication. After all, she has been here literally every step of that way!


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