Tuesday, February 7

all that and a bag of crisps


For more deets (and pretty much more of the same pics) you can see what I dashed out here. (I have a new computer and all my photos were downloaded onto the old one which won't be here til tonight).

It seems a bit beyond the pale that I can't find the time to get in here and post, but there you have it.


Part of the issue is I want to tell the stories. I want to have a lovely, fresh-brewed cup of coffee by my side as I slowly unwind the bobbin of days that I gathered since I left you here last week. And, I am not yet in that space.

I can tell you that Providence is still my most favorite city in the world and that this apartment was flooded with sunlight this morning. Both of those combined to make me supremely happy. The temperature outside is positively balmy so the dogs and I spent yesterday afternoon on a deep foray into the farm hills which was just the ticket for getting me grounded.

Still, it's a busy office here and I get back on another plane on Thursday (I know!) so I have to dig in and focus.

I do think if I get everything a bit shaped this afternoon-- tomorrow I might have time here as I would like-- I know if I don't share then, it will all fall away as I can't really write about anything except what is right in front of me. So, fingers crossed-- I get a shower and some work done and tomorrow morning I can tell you about life in Downton Abbey-- cause OH my. It was all that and a bag of crisps.


more soonest--

bisous, e


  1. Oh, lady... these photos are exquisite!! Can't wait to hear more. xo

  2. love love love it. hmmmmm, me thinks this class needs to come to lovely squam... or perhaps a squam London - with all of us in that gorgeous abbey... i would so love the opportunity to revisit West Sussex. xoxox

  3. So looking forward to hearing and seeing more deliciousness! (hey - by chance did you see Mr. Bates or Sir Matthew Crawley? ;-) )

  4. Happy you landed back in Providence to some balmy weather. Hope you had a great work day today. xoxo

  5. Welcome home! Your photos are marvelous as always, and your words are soothing and lovely too. I am so glad you had a great trip. Can't wait to read more about it!

  6. Welcome Home..can't wait to here more.. the pics are so lovely


  7. Hello Elizabeth, glad to see you made is safely back home despite snow here in Blighty. It was lovely to meet you on the course, your photos are really super. You've made a guest photo appearance on my blog which you might like to see..!
    Helen x

  8. gorgeous pictures...and, as always, loving your words that accompany...

  9. The gorgeous flint makes me think you were in Sussex somewhere. Beautiful images.

  10. I was able to take a class with Julie Arkell in London last November. It would be AWESOME if she taught at Squam!!!!!!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e