Friday, February 24



You might as well all know, I'm having a mad affair with couscous.

Sure-- I know what you're thinking-- such a simple grain, hardly the complexity of brown rice or the emotional challenge of arborio. And, let's be clear, it's not pasta.

But that's why I love it-- for everything that it is, beyond easy-- you don't even actually cook it-- you boil water, pour it in and let it sit and it's done in 5 minutes (yes-- sometimes, I just don't need the hours of foreplay that polenta requires, you know?)

Mostly-- I love who it hangs out with. Because really, who doesn't love to mix it up with a bowl of couscous? Fruit-- veggies, they're all in. This week I've been making a curried sweet potato and yellow squash number that just won't leave me alone-- god, it's good.

Anyway-- I thought to find you a beautiful photo of couscous (seeing as I haven't touched my camera all week . . alas and alack, but that's what weekends are for, yes?) and ended up at Helene's site and found that you can win Moo cards!

1. So, go this weekend, leave a comment and get yourself a lovely new stack of moo cards!

via nina johansson

However, there is the possibility that I will take on yet another activity which keeps me from keeping up with all the other activities I have on speed dial as I found a local life drawing class that is open and allows drop-in attendance. I absolutely love doing this and am hoping somehow to shoehorn it in to the week's full out fullness. Honestly, if my weeks were paintings they'd be Rubens. Am thinking I need to bring a little Kate Moss to the table to balance it all out-- and surely adding in a life drawing class is not taking me in the right direction. But there it is, when have I ever gone in the right direction?

squam cups above glazed_1000
via Asya

The very last batch of squam cups & tumblers are shipping out on Monday.
What a beautiful project this has been. Loved.

4. this is for jen gray

photo by sandra juto

because (for me) jen blends so perfectly the sublime and the earthly-- and unfortunately for her, anytime I find the word shit combined with something lofty, I must share it with her-- aren't you so glad I don't have your mailing address? yes, be very glad-- I tend to be relentless in my thoughtfulness

but this share (photo above) was in part a response to the gorgeous post and playlist jen left for us all at the squam site today:

5. this is what I have been listening to as I typed this post

bisous, e


  1. sending you lots of love. you are such inspiration in my life. xoxo I am grateful for you and your spirit.

  2. Even though I have no time to explore your links right now, I love reading through them. I am also so excited for you and your drop in drawing class! I hope you share some of your work here. I love seeing it! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the shout out!
    With both my parents born and raised in Morocco, couscous is a staple at my house. Either as a simple grain or as the full shabang (couscous berbere)
    I even moved to the US with my tagine and couscoussier :)

  4. couscous, life drawing classes, friendships, very, very good...


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