Thursday, February 9

when it starts to get comical


So, there's no hot coffee to my right and I am a quick hop down the highway from my white chair, it seems. End result? No stories today--

But wait-- lucky for me there are people whose lives follow in an orderly fashion and who manage to post about their time in a creative workshop within two weeks . . go here for Helen's write-up: HenHouse. She is so lovely-- as were all the people I met in class. Be sure to check out her emporium website if you are partial to pretty quilts-- hers are wonderful.

I had all the right intentions yesterday-- I DID have a hot coffee at the ready. That was before I had to take Daisy to the emergency room and lost half a day to find out my dog does not have a foreign object stuck in her nasal cavity, but in fact has a very bad cold.

Who knew? I've had dogs for 20+ years and never saw one have a cold before. Unlike humans where it first surfaces with a few sniffles, perhaps a cough or sneeze--- Daisy spent Tuesday night at the foot of my bed in violent (rather scary for me) and loud coughs that ended with a round of vomit. It came on like a hurricane so I called the vet who insisted I take her down to ER to get x-rays to make sure there was nothing in her air ways that she had ingested.

Oops-- hang on-- boarding call. Am at the airport and headed to join Jen and Michelle in Florida . .. I know, the life, right?

Lolo is keeping care of the hearth and beasts-- and, most especially, keeping her aunt dressed with her face washed and pointed in the right direction. Maybe this is how it goes sometimes? Maybe next week will be a stretch of calm and normalcy and a bag of stories for the offering like so many caramels?

We can only hope--- I miss you guys-- sorry to be so sketchy---


Bisous, e


  1. I never knew dogs could get colds - I always heard that dogs bodies can store vitamin C, unlike humans and therefore they 'never' get colds... hope your sweet Daisy is mending quickly - safe and happy travels!

  2. Glad the pup is ok, that is scary. Have fun and give each other big hugs from me.


  3. Poor Daisy...and poor you! I have never seen a dog with a cold either. Weird. Have a great trip (again!).

  4. oh, poor little daisy...and poor you, sounds like it was scary. hope the cold passes quickly.
    so appreciated this little blip from you today. :)
    happy travels!

  5. Good lord, how awful for Daisy (and you!) My cats used to get colds once in awhile...the sneezes were godawful.


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