Sunday, March 4

am liking the gray


We all know how much I love Jeanine's photos, but this post she wrote recently as she settles into her new life with Joe in England as ::husband and wife:: was simply perfect. (::woot woot woot to the rooty toot toot-- if you did not follow their 3 year love story that she has chronicled online-- well, better than any romance novel you will ever read-- get to it!)

I want to tell you that I say these words today
and may need to be reminded of them tomorrow.
Such is life. Sometimes, you are the beacon.
Other times, you get lost in the darkness
and need someone else to shine some light on you


Late yesterday afternoon I opened the front door to find the sweetest package on my porch: it held the first issue of Taproot and people? Oh my--- so good. So seriously good. I don't ever recommend things outright because I know we are all so different and what may be a delicious fit for my needs could very well trigger your allergies-- but in this case, I honestly feel you should check it out. It's that good.

Not only does it feel good in your hands-- beautifully made-- but the focus of its articles-- how it weaves together questions and explorations of how to nurture a satisfying life, well-- all I can say is, I highly recommend it. It was a true pleasure to sit down with it and read from cover to cover. I know you may think I am biased because I happen to know Amanda and think she is pretty fabulous, and you are certainly welcome to believe that-- but I tell you, I think, objectively, that it is one of the finest publications to roll out recently and it promises to grow even more beautiful in future issues-- I can feel it-- and I would feel remiss if I did not share that with you.


Today is Sunday and I am savoring it for the soft gray morning that it is. I slept in later than normal-- instead of doing our big walk here in the neighborhood, I tossed the dogs in the back of the car* and headed out to the wide expanse of fields at the farm.

When I first arrived I felt apprehensive because there were quite a number of cars and usually I go in the off-hours-- I worried that the "dog police" might be around, I worried that there would be people who might not appreciate my dogs off leash-- in short, I created a whole little hot buzz in my head.

In fact, even as Daisy was racing by me and doing huge, happy loops in the field-- her face the picture of joy-- I kept glancing about and saw a female figure in red walking the edges of the field. Was she the police in disguise? She had no dogs with her-- that made me suspicious. It felt like she kept sort of following us-- so I went way wide to the edges. When the dogs pooped I made a very large show of taking out my doggy bags and picking it up like a model citizen--- gestures so dramatic had I been on stage the peanut gallery could not fail to understand-- we get it, you picked up your dogs' poop. Of course, there were no people anywhere in sight to enjoy my performance, but you never know-- there could be secret dog police in the bushes waiting to jump out and bust my ass.

When we reached the pond there were probably 10-12 humans and about the same number of dogs. As always, a range of types, sweet St. Bernard puppy bounding, small pair of white yorkshire terriers with crisp haircuts and matching knitted vests yipping about and letting everyone know who was boss, and a whole host of motley crew which welcomed my two mutts. People were friendly. All the dogs were off-leash and having fun.

Later, as we walked down through one of the far back fields, I saw the figure in the red jacket coming toward us. Not really anywhere to go so I hoisted the leashes that I held in my hand as if to say, they're here at the ready. And then, I thought-- wait, what if she is just out for a walk. What if she isn't mad at me or my dogs-- what if I just say, "good morning?"

And so I did.

And she smiled and said, "lovely dogs."


Why, oh why do I create fear where none exists? When will I learn that a fearful stance is simply a learned behavior that needs to be released?

A couple days ago I read Marie Manuchehri's new book Intuitive Self-Healing which led me to this,

fear tells me, "I want to make you safe."
love says, "you are safe.

Back again to that whole choosing love not fear, yeah, I'm working on it . .


bisous, e

*okay, so my niece Lauren who is exceedingly soft-spoken and pretty tolerant in all things has made it clear that my car, "smells like dog." I'm thinking it has to do with the big blanket in the back that they jump on wet from walks in the woods, the ponds, the ocean . . so, time for me to give that poor car a deep cleaning-- I think that's gonna be my spring cleaning focus . . hmm, right after I get the laundry done . .


  1. I thought the exact same thing about my car this morning as I carpooled with a friend to a flea market. Needs a DEEP spring cleaning. Even though I do not have dogs my car has the particular odor that can only be derived from (possibly?) a piece of rotting fruit wedged somewhere unseen and the faint smell of pre-teen boys after having playing hours of basketball. Not pretty. I'm pretty sure my friend will want to be the driver (in her car!) the next time out ;) Although she does have dogs.....hmm

  2. Taking the "choose love instead of fear" with me today.


  3. Love everything about your post today. The photos, the link to Jeanine's post (with just the perfect quote for this moment), and the hint of what's to come in Taproot. (Dare I hope my copy will arrive today or did you receive a super-special preview copy?)
    And, my oh my, what dog-owner hasn't had that moment of paranoia when that strange figure seems to be lurking on the perimeter "eyeing" the goings-on and added a flourish to all of the responsible-dog-owner duties? Funny & silly stuff. Thank you.

  4. How do you do it? How do you ALWAYS say exactly what I need to hear? Thank you, beautiful!

  5. thank you once again for the reminder that love is always the answer.. I forget and then a reminder from the universe (or this case you!) comes my way.

    hugs and smooches to you and the pooches..

  6. oh honey. it appears YOU are the beacon today. thank you for shining bright. big love. xoxo

  7. I believe you are my favorite goofy, wet doggy smelling, couscous dribbling zen-mystic living undercover in urbania and penning post-modern haikus via the blog o'sphere. (I know, I don't even know what all I really mean!)

    Thank you for keepin' it REAL mama ... and for picking up that poop. Oh yeah, mad props to you for that (because I SO KNOW how that all goes down, although I confess I am a woman who once yelled "Excuse me! I think you forgot something!" to a mother pushing a mercedes stroller along with her cow pie pooping yellow lab ... oh yeah, I can play hardball).

    Beacon indeed! xo

  8. i endlessly create fear in my heart and mind. the love is definitely in there, but it is challenged almost daily.
    "love says, 'you are safe'". this inspires me...

  9. Oh how I wish I could do this with my blog...I come here and feel like I got an injection of you. hee hee The vision of you dramatically picking up the poop...oh fits of giggles over here and I am so tired ...making me giggle...soo good. xoxoxo


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e