Monday, March 19

end of the day


Last week sometime, or maybe the week before, I answered some questions for an interview about blogging habits. That is, my blogging habits. Such as they are.

When the inevitable question posed to writers of all stripes, bloggers included, was asked, "how do you manage writer's block?" I simply told the truth-- I don't get it. I write or I don't write. In the case of blogging, if I am not in here dazzling you with the extraordinary-- mythic, really-- fistfuls of lint I comb from the dryer screen like a modern-day Psyche gathering golden fleece to deliver shining wool to the implacable Aphrodite, it simply means I must've opened Persephone's box and fallen deep asleep.

That, or I'm facing deadlines.

But there's nothing romantic about deadlines-- wouldn't it be so much cooler if I were deep asleep in the woods somewhere, rendered unconscious from opening the box to the mysteries of beauty?


The weather today -- as I imagine it was up and down the East Coast-- was nothing short of sublime. Every phone call I could take outside, I did. Every chance I had to go outside, I went.

Alas, it passed so quickly. At the end I grabbed these shots around the apartment to remember the light. Tomorrow we slide into Spring and hell if it doesn't feel like mid-summer.

The dogs are up in New Hampshire until Saturday.

Whatever shall I do with myself?

bisous, e


  1. Oh my. It looks so *neat* where you are. In my head I live like that. :)

    I hope you don't mind that I borrowed Henry for inspiration for a drawing exercise. I just adore his expressions. He looks like a deep thinker. I didn't at all do him justice, but when he returns, please give him a thank you pat from me.

    The weather is glorious, yes. I soak up the good fortune that allows me to spend it outside, playing hide & seek on a playground with a three-year-old.

  2. I totally get the deadlines. Mine are constant until mid-may. Then, there may be a reprieve. I hope. We are in the summer as well. It has been 80 degrees for the whole weekend. My kids are scantly clad in tank tops and shorts, flip-flops clicking as they run through the house because it is a quicker way to get from one yard to another. And, yes. It drives me crazy. But Franklin? He is just about ready for the doggy psych-ward. It rained after dinner though. First Thunder of 2012. I wonder if it might cool off tomorrow?

  3. I love the image of you fast asleep with dryer lint in your hair! (um, honey, you have a little drool on your cheek ... )

    Loved the interview! You are my inspiration when it comes to staying on my course ... ripped sails and all!

  4. Woke to blanketing fog, but by lunchtime it was gone gone gone and the skies were SO blue. Hurrah for spring! I am so glad it is is here (or nearly, here in Sweden).

  5. love these shots of light in your apartment.
    and that string of lights on your shelf??? *love*!!!


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