Friday, March 9

in like a lion, out like a lamb, mild in the middle


Have you ever walked the shoreline filling your pockets with shells, bits of shell and rocks, marveling at how beautiful each one is-- each one more amazing in its subtlety of colors than the last only to get home, dump them all out onto the kitchen counter to see they aren't so very special after all? In fact, rather gray, rather plain, rather less than extraordinary?

Me, too. And I always wonder what happens. Is it just the sunlight and water on their surfaces or is there something more at work?


Today was like that for me except instead of shells and stones, I was dumping out photos onto my laptop and the gap between the deep beauty of what I saw in the woods this morning-- the discovery of orange, the velvety green, the fragile leaf--- it all seemed so dull and listless back here.


They don't seem to capture how gray and misty it was or how the chill air felt so good as we hiked up hills, or how fun it was to get a bit lost for awhile and wonder if it would take hours to find my car again.

But it was all that and more. We were in a new locale for the first time and the dogs responded with high excitement.


DAISY: hey now, did you just post a photo of me in full crazy face run? so not cool.


One photo that did totally hold true was this rock which I named DOGFACE.

Seriously-- is this not dogface rock?


But mostly? It just felt good to get out and putter about--- ain't no rose parade here, for sure-- but the gentle tug of spring is going on and I am slipping into it with a happy sigh.

May your weekend be velvety green and surprised with orange.

bisous, e


  1. a dogface, indeed. spooky!
    sending you love from the deep south...

  2. That is SO a dogface rock! WoW. ;)

  3. It is TOTALLY a dogface.

    I am off out to meet up with the lovely Jeanine, so my weekend begins most magnificently.
    Sending love and squeezes fro London (come back soon okay?)


  4. YES! Dogface :~))

    Here are a couple from my local beach in Wales.....

    Happy week~end

  5. Oh dear...well that didn't work as planned. I'll try once more and delete if it's still not right!

    bear rock

    buffalo rock

  6. i was laughing as i read through your post, and then sighing a contented sigh as i read your wishes for our weekend: velvety green and surprised with orange". i just love this.
    wishing you the same loveliness...

  7. I love the dogface! And, for the record, your photos are still brilliant even if they were more brilliant in person. Those pictures of the It looks almost like it is alive, like a giant caterpillar! Daisy is so precious. Hugs to both pups and to YOU as well.

  8. Wow! I do not think those photos are boring at all. I feel the magic through your eyes when I see your photos and all I can say is MORE! Also, the 2Daisy pic made me laugh out loud. Martin even came in from the other room to see what I was giggling at.

  9. I'm not even a dog person (at least not 'to own')...but your posts and pup pics ALways make me wish I was out running wild with a canine or two. I should just borrow someone's sometime. 'Rent-a-dog'

    Love starting my daze out with your photos and words.

    Be well, Miss Elizabeth.

    ~ Jennifer

  10. Oh those two pics of Daisy and your words so funny! Love love your dog pics and commentary-just joy overload. I do know what you mean and I think it is the combo of the light and water on the rocks and then add in the energy you are exchanging with all that is around you...every once in a while that amount of bliss doesn't always come back the same when looking a the pictures as when you were there- I sometimes think it must be because my other senses must have been taking in a lot as well- maybe if we could have the air, temperature and smell flash when we see the picture it would appear the same? Either way, the photos are gorgeous and convey so much magic.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e