Tuesday, March 27

lost again down crazy ass lane


March, you're weird.

First, you feel really long-- like longer than January and December and November combined.

Second, you're not over yet?

Third, last week we were in tank tops and flip flops and last night I felt like an idiot not wearing a hat with my long coat and scarf cause it was freezing as I walked the dogs! Dude. You are all turned around. It's in like a lion, not OUT like a lion. Get with the program.

Fourth, if I get a cold, March-- I am totally blaming it on you.


In other, non weather related news, I seem to have a penchant for lessons. Not learning the lessons, mind you-- just repeating the lessons. Sort of like lecons sans frontieres--- you know, doctors without borders?-- my lessons are without borders, without end, without conclusion-- they reach on and on into infinity.

Why? Because, apparently, I can experience a learning moment, but I don't seem to be able to file the wisdom for future use.

Case in point:

1. Fennel makes me violently ill. Some call this condition an allergy. Sweet italian sausage is often made with fennel.

2. Not drinking enough water every day causes dehydration. When I get dehydrated, there is much pain and suffering.

Don't eat sweet italian sausage.
Drink more water.

Please suggest ways to get these simple bits of information super glued to my brain.

Thank you.


Yesterday, I posted more blossom photos here if you are in need of more. And really, who doesn't want more blossoms? If I could gather up all the blooming branches, the budding branches, the whites, the pinks, the chartreuse and stuff them into this apartment floor to ceiling, wall to wall-- a veritable bramble of branches and blooms-- I totally would.

Good thing the straight jacket they wrap me in will be soft on all the scratches I am bound to get when they haul my crazy ass out of here . . . ahem.

But look-- I am loved-- in all my wild, fairy tale sputterings and musings. In her interview with Bella, Michelle gd says that my photography and writing inspire her.

Damn! How good does that make my heart feel? Sure I've been gone from this blog a lot in the past two weeks, and hell yeah I have a lot of catching up to do with you all-- but with that kind of encouragement, I'm taking the rest of the day off.

bisous, e


  1. ahhh....blossoms. thanks for those.

    about the lessons...i hear you. and though you may not have **really** been seeking advice about how to drill them into the cranium....i shall offer some any-old-how. i write stuff like that ("no dairy for you!") with a dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror..hoping seeing it a few times a day for days on end will help it sink in.

    have a lovely march (the chill has come back on the west coast too...crazy).

    ~ jennifer

  2. Um, yeah! March has been so freaking weird!
    PS.. Fennel isn't all that tasty anyway :)
    Yes.. you are loved. By so many.
    Loving all the beauty in these photos. xoxox

  3. Flowering stuff. You have flowering stuff.

    By March I so need green and flowers to fill up my cold, empty dried-out husk of a soul. And yet, not gonna happen.

    Do you need an illegal alien maid?

    PS: CRAP! I'm NOT anonymous! Blogger won't let me post under my wordpress identity.


  4. Carry around a big water bottle with a picture of fennel with a big red NO sign over it?

    Then again, life is nothing but one big lesson, isn't it? I seem to struggle with that conundrum daily!

  5. Oh Elizabeth, those blossoms! How intoxicating it must all be! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words and images.


  6. There is OH so much that I enjoyed about this post...
    Yes, March is REALLY trippin' with this switcho-chango thing it's done.
    The blossoms ARE lovely...I could bask in them all day...
    I've heard lessons keep coming our way until we get them. I've have a few recurring ones myself.
    Michelle gd inspires me and You inspire me and I had no idea that you inspired Michelle. So, sounds like I've found some pretty amazing folks to be inspired by.
    You are hilarious and your wit made me smile.
    So, that's why I enjoyed your post OH so much. xoxo

    1. (A reply to you from your blog comment)
      Hi e,

      Awww, you're wonderful! I would love to chat with you too. :) I will be at Squam by the Sea, so maybe this will happen! Yes, I took this right near my boy's school one morning.

      Thanks Hon!! xo

  7. Oh, I can't stand fennel. If I could only impart my fennel-hating tastebuds to you, that problem, anyway, would be solved. If you come up with a solution for the water drinking, let me know. I need to drill it into my 10yo's head.

    The lovely, perfect pink blossoms that showed up way too soon were orangey/brownish this morning after last night's hard freeze. I could cry. I *did* cry, but it wasn't just the blossoms. They contributed, though. Victim of this stupid backwards weather, silly things lured into premature showiness by that floozy tease of a sun. Look where that got them. It's like my mother always used to say: Early to bloom, early to rot. (Still love that phrase, it's what passes for sympathy from an Italian mother when you hit puberty wicked late, sigh.)

    You've inspired me to ramble, Elizabeth. :)

  8. oh dear elizabeth...so, so loved :)
    enjoying these blossom shots here and over at squam. such lovely reminders about the beauty outside our front doors.

    always appreciating your mix of beauty and wit and self-reflection.
    ...and seeing as fennel makes you violently ill, i won't share one of my favorite tea mixes with you :(

  9. I MISS YOU!!!! And your photos are beautiful...xoxoxo

  10. Ah, spring... We have had it even when it was still winter. Shorts, flip-flops, the whole sha-bang. But this week? This week it decided to be MARCH again, with the wind and the chill. What. Ever. Loved your photos and your words. Sorry about the fennel, nobody likes that violently ill thing. Hope you are feeling better. You are an inspiration to me too!

  11. Oh what gorgeous blossoms....xoxo


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e