Thursday, April 12

different angle, different view


The two photos above were taken this morning at the exact same pond within minutes of each other-- different angles, different view--- different experience.

This week has been full of challenges to my head and heart. How to open both more deeply. I'd like to believe that I am getting softer, slower, more vulnerable, more receptive--- which allows for the truth of gray to roll in-- no black, no white-- all black all white. Gray.

I like gray, very much. Soft, gentle-- filled with colors of its own.

But what I REALLY like is smart, smart, FLIPPING BRILLIANT humor. This morning Dave shared a meme with me that tells you just how far out of the hip, happening loop I am (as it is now over). But I must share it with you-- even if you are hip and happening and already enjoyed it when it was fresh and live-- because it makes me supremely happy.

Smart. Smart. Smart FUNNY.

Texts from Hillary.

I wish I could single out just one to tell you is my favorite but I love them ALL, I love the whole composite. They make me laugh the good kind of tears.

Peace to you on this sweetest gray day.


bisous, e


  1. Love you, lady.
    And the Hillary site... found it a couple of days ago... and kinda died of laughter. xo

  2. love your gray mood...the softness, the understanding.

    and the hillary site...omg, funny!

  3. just pissed myself laughing at Hil. thanks for the point in the "wrong" direction

  4. The Hillary texts are pretty new - you're not behind! I laughed so hard reading them. I love it when anyone takes an opportunity to call Romney "Mittens". Also, I feel that Hillary would smack Palin like a kitty cat - you know, that paw just darts out and BAM!

    Not that I condone physical violence in anyway. Cats are sneaky. (And fluffy and SO PRETTY. Yay cats!)

  5. Such cool photos...that The texts were so funny! It is so cool that she texted them too.


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