Friday, April 13

the heart is a lonely hunter


I have always loved that book title-- the book? well, writing-- amazing writing, but ohhh, so dark-- so I can't say it's a favorite. But the title? Love.

Those were the words that rolled across my mind when I was uploading photos just now and saw this one of Henry carefully stepping through the water.

Oddly enough, a perfect title for this week. What a week it was.

If my week were a field, all I can say is that somebody took a mattock to it and tilled the living bejeezus out of it.

Which, I don't know about you-- a week like that can only mean one thing when you reach Friday evening: a long, hot bath. Oh, yes ma'am. Please and thank you.


The very best parts of the week all came from things that at the outset looked like the most unpleasant or tiresome or upsetting of things. Doesn't that just crack you up?

It cracks me up to no end.

And I know I kid a lot so you may think I am joking but it's so true in this case--- one example: I was following google* directions to a store two towns over this afternoon-- it unexpectedly (and incorrectly) took me off the highway and I landed in some strange land of warehouses and creepy junkyards.

So as I cursed and moaned at my (yet again) geographic challenges-- I stopped at a red light and saw a small yellow sign, "vin registration station" with an arrow.

The hell? I was already lost-- could it be the mythical VIN station that I had decided to forget about ever finding? Oh yes, it could and it was.

:: okay total side note but you MUST know-- so I pull down the street. An EMPTY street with no cars, no active buildings, no people. A street sign directs me to "park here and stay in the car." I do that thinking, the hell? Next thing I know, a garage door starts opening (note, there are NO windows on this building) and a guy waves me in. I pull into a windowless garage where this guy sits at a table in a black office chair. No tv. no computer. SERIOUSLY. I could not make this up. Kafka? Yes, Kafka could make this up.

And then? It goes like this:

me: hi? I need to get my VIN verified? I'm trying to get a Rhode Island license plate?

him: you got a money order for ten dollars?

This is where I went totally speechless but in my head, it went something like this:
I have cash. I have a check. I have a credit card. Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND NO ONE TOLD ME I HAD TO BRING A MONEY ORDER!! Must kill. Must kill.

him: all you gotta do it go up the street there's a Shell station there, they sell money orders, but it'll cost you a dollar. ::

I won't drag you through the rest of it, all you need to know is that I now have ALL the paperwork to return to the DMV for the THIRD time and see if they don't want to sell me a RI license plate.

Honest to god-- you thought Dorothy had it tough getting the broom from the wicked witch of the west? Let me tell you, that blue-checked chickie got off easy. You want to ride home in a hot air balloon, little girl? Bring me a license plate from the flipping ocean state and we'll see what we can do.


So-- my point was--- getting lost got me to the VIN station! And there was no shortage of other dramatic turns in my week that went from bad to the promised land.

Hence my emotional fatigue and need for a long soak in a hot tub.


One of my tales turning lead into gold involves Miss Daisy and her penchant for mud diving on a day when my apartment is sparkling clean and readied for a houseful of baby shower guests who arrive tomorrow morning-- but I will share that another time.

Right now, let's focus on the positive because they may indeed be needy and spoiled, but damn if those aren't some happy four-legged critters.


bisous, e

*yes, I have no GPS. Me! The one person on the planet that this magical device was invented for-- I know! Crazy.


  1. Bwahahaha! Sorry, had to laugh at your story. What BS. And holy crap, I can't believe you pulled into that creepy serial killer setting of a garage. *Shudder* But I'm glad it didn't turn into that :)

  2. i really love that first pic it captures so much
    holding you in my have been so supportive and generous with me with your time.

    if ever you need an ear/shoulder i am here witness..

  3. Your photography is breathtaking...
    Thank goodness for long soaks and hot tubs...xo

  4. I had to laugh too (more lead into gold) because ironically these foolish hoops that they make us jump through are getting to be so predictable. It's hysterical precisely because we all experience the same old s---. Always funnier when someone else describes it tho... Also, I would add that as much as we love the friends and family who we give and go to baby showers for - that in itself would kill the week for me!
    LOL. One other note (while I'm venting) GPS is not always correct especially for the direction-challenged. You still have to "know your way" because it has the funny idea that taking the scenic or indirect or its own quirky route is better. And I love it when the "voice" tells me to "turn around and go back" when I decide to ignore the directions (not all that infrequently). Again, thanks for the chuckle at your expense - nice piece of writing - totally get the frustration. Andrea

  5. Oh, how I know what you're talking about! I would still get lost even if I had a GPS. I still think of the few times when I was driving home IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD in Brooklyn, turning down a wrong street and accidentally ending up on the bridge to Manhattan! An hour later, after some scary, intense traffic I would finally find myself at home. It makes me laugh so hard now, but at the time? Not so much!

    That's insane that you found the VIN place that way, but very cool too. Seeing the world work in mysterious ways always make me happy. I've had a similar kind of week to yours. Not the same situations, but just some frustrating stuff that ended up being good for me. The tilling analogy is perfect, I love that. I'm going to start thinking of it in that way! I'm going to have to follow your lead and take a hot soak in the tub after all that tilling. I'm also making soup tonight! It's cold and rainy here. Mmmm, can't think of anything better.

    And oh my gosh, these photos! Beautiful. I just want to give giant hugs to your dogs.

  6. I also love your photos...but you know that. What an ironic story. I can't believe that you pulled your car into that garage. So. Freaky. I may have been too scared to do it. Maybe they only let brave people drive legally in Rhode Island?


  7. oh dear, you make my heart happy and laugh! not laughing AT you but with you because I know you are laughing. the writing though, you have me truly have me. and of course the photos and the dogs oh my! much love xx miss you!!

  8. Who would have thought it would be so freakin' hard to get a license plate?!? You my dear are braver than I to drive into a windowless garage with some strange man just looking for his ten dollars. Your pictures are lovely as always. And I was one of the last holdouts on a GPS, got one for Christmas from my wonderful siblings and I tell ya...its a lifesaver! Order thee! xo

  9. That guy must know a guy... no cash? Really? I love your photos too, and the thoughts that you share with all of us.
    I know this is a strange thing to bring up but have there been problems with the Squam site this week? I have been unable to contact anyone or download the registration form for the NC workshop.:( I am a really good friend of Stephanie Anderson Ladd's and I know Melissa and Stephanie has bee trying to get me to attend. I finally have the funds and would love to sign up! You can email me if you don't mind, Thank you so, so much! Diane

  10. hi Diane I have emailed you-- please let me know if it doesn't reach you xoxo, e

  11. the whole VIN thing...scary and funny in the end. you're much braver than i ;)
    crazy good how things are turning and it!

  12. you know...? Your pictures are dramatically opposed to the horrible events from your MUST be that your mind's eye finds beauty while your 'person' is experiencing torment and horror (aka the VIN registration process). The photos are so lovely and serene. thank you for your gentle spirit.

  13. Ah, I had the SAME week! Well, without the gorgeous sunshine or muddy dogs and flashes of brilliance amongst the rubble were less obvious. I seemed to have passed hours - HOURS - in waiting rooms, the highlight being when my girl (also held captive) invited another girl to play with her in the kid's area "You want to blow things up?" I was ready to get down on my achy knees and wreck a little foam block havoc! (On the other hand, watching Family Feud with strangers while an interesting experiment was not a transcendent moment ... but amusing ...)

    And only in New England would you have such "character" in your automobile systems/stations. I had forgotten and I miss all that. It's like you need to know the secret handshake to get in and get inspected ... all of which has me remembering the time we mistakenly thought it would be easy to get money from a Bank in China ... now, there was some real theater! Bu hao!
    xo Lis (still reeling from craziness, hence this ramble of a comment ...)

  14. Oh, I can only nod in recognition. Rhode Island. We hold so much weirdness in such a small vessel.

    And I have a GPS, but I don't like it much. There's a stretch of 95 between here and 495 that it hates. It always tells me to get off the highway, no matter I'm trying to go straight to Boston. It's sent me in circles to go a few towns over, and it tried to tell me to get off the highway in Jamestown where no exit existed. Perhaps nobody programmed the secret Rhode Island handshake into the Garmin system?

  15. And here I was wondering why you had to register you wine. Cause that's just how I think. Or don't as the case may be.

    Now go get a GPS. Course if you had one you would still not be ready to face the bureaucracy yet again...


    Anon because I can't post from Wordpress for some reason...

  16. I thought it was a cool secret wine club too! So disappointed.

    And Daisy is totally singing la la lala as she walks along in that last photo...x


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e