Tuesday, April 24

will there be a room with a view?


Wouldn't you know blogger would go and change up its layout the morning I am bleary-eyed, my mind in four different places, trying to wrap up all I can before heading to Italy?

I know, right?

Only I could find something to complain about on this crisp, sunny morning where I have the amazing opportunity to travel to a beautiful country where I have never ever been before.

But I don't like change (she says with a whine).  Am old.  Am a baby.  Am an old baby.
And slow.  So very, very slow.

In other news, my car has license plates and passed inspection.  Yippee-kay-yay!  However, it is still in the shop as the poor dear had some age problems including a frayed timing belt (now if that is not an apt description for yours truly, I don't know what is!) so how much fun is it to take your car in for a state inspection and find out your gonna drop $1,500 instead of, you know, like $60-- the day before you're leaving the country.

I know, right?  Almost as fun as coming in to blast up a post here and find they moved all the puzzle pieces around-- makes my head spin.

The good news is that my eight-year old car was paid off four years ago-- so if I amortize this over 48 months it's not so bad--- and if you have ever had a timing belt snap on you while driving down the road (which I have had) you will know I am SO lucky to have had these guys catch it before I was headed up the highway.  When a timing belt goes-- your car just stops dead.  Boom.  It's scary as hell and depending on where you are-- can be uber dangerous.  So-- there's that.

And of course-- what nervous nellie traveler (that would be me) isn't grateful for a little bit of unexpected distraction right before a big trip?  Thing is-- I am not so nervous.  Tired, sure-- but mostly really open.  Just open.

I've never been to Italy so I have no expectations.  And, it's for work-- Michelle and I have to go get things sorted for our October squamitalia session-- but it's also rumored to be a pretty special place (so says Ms. Tingle) so any fun that we might happen to have (because there does exist the possibility of some rather marvelous fun) has me thinking-- just roll with it-- stay open, stay loose.

Camera and laptop are coming with-- so I promise to share photos and stories.

More soonest--

bisous, e


  1. you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it! the place, the people, the food. The air. it's magic. skype when you're back? I have lots to tell you :) xxx

  2. oh, have a fabulous trip! susannah is right...italy is magic.

  3. OMG have so much fun!! I want to goooooooooo! Dang it.

  4. buono viaggio! I can't wait to see and read about your adventures. I trust you have your Baedeker's all pack?

    xo xi ciao bella! Lis

  5. Have a wonderful trip, E!! I KNOW you will! I can't wait to be there myself! It makes me happy all over just thinking about it!


  6. Safe travels, love! Enjoy every second of your trip. xo

  7. Oh, my goodness! SO jealous! I know you are there already, but I had to comment here too. Hope you are having a marvelous time!

  8. oh...I can not even imagine how beautiful of a time you're all having in ITALY!! OMG!!!
    can't wait to see photos and hear stories...xxxx


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