Wednesday, May 30

dreamy light


Sometimes as I move from office to living room -- working from home as I do-- I catch sight of my bed and there are days when it seems like a far away island I can't remember leaving that morning and can hardly believe I will find my way back there that night.

Sometimes, especially when the late afternoon light is pouring through the window, I dream about staying in bed all. day. long.   Perhaps there would be a stack of books, definitely a journal and pen within reach-- and something to gnaw upon-- rice krispie treats, a box of sea salted caramels, or maybe even some chocolate?


Daydreaming = my favorite past time.

And, I like knowing I am not alone in that . . .

"I like to teach, but I don't like to give up anything else-- writing, walking, and of course the important "idling and dreaming" that every poet must do." ~ Mary Oliver, Blue Pastures

bisous, e


  1. Oh, kindred spirit...I piled clean clothes on my bed today to keep myself from crawling right in and dreaming the day away. I would have been missed at dress rehearsal and softball, but ahhhhh. It would have been so nice.

  2. love this little reverie...these photos are so dreamy...and that quote from mary oliver...sigh.

  3. How can you resist just crawling right back into that snuggly bed?!


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