Friday, May 18

from Rome to Athens


oh dear lord-- this whole living from a place of love and light sometimes sounds a whole lot easier in theory than it actually feels in practice.  I think my astrologer needs to revisit my chart because this is what I read heading into the month of May "what a divine month for you! After it is over you may ask, "Why can't every month be this special?"  and all I can tell you is, please god-- get me through this perfect storm.

Which is not to say there haven't been supremely wonderful, beautiful experiences tucked in the corners of my days-- because I assure you, there have been.  And, as you know me only too well-- that is what I am going to share with you here.  

Yes, I could tell a different story-- one of frustration, discouragement and heartache.  Yes, I could totally rail to the heavens, shaking my fists at all the challenges I have been dealing with of late-- and undoubtedly receive your sweet condolences-- but that crap has taken all the time and attention from me it's gonna get.  I am not giving it one more bit of my life energy-- instead, I will tell you I did a quick trip down to Athens, Georgia a few days ago and got to spend the day with this loveliest woman:  Rinne Allen.


Yes ma'am.  How lucky am I?  If you're gonna explore Athens, there's no better tour guide than this woman (seeing as she was born and raised there) and if you want to get a direct infusion of creative mojo into your heart-- well, just step into her studio.


I have never felt the limitations of my ability to take a picture more strongly than I did in her studio.  There was no way I could possibly capture the magic and vibe and feel-- so please know these lame-o snapshots don't even begin to tell the story, they don't even provide the table of contents-- her space is pure art.  The studio space itself is pure art.

Anyway-- I am gushing.  Loved Athens-- look forward to the time I can spend more days there in a more leisurely fashion-- but wanted to pop in and say HEY Y'ALL to you all since I have been so very absent here of late-- but there it is-- 

I know I am crap at the relationship building thing of blogland-- but you need to know that I love that you are here with me.  Love the support and lovenotes you send me--  you make a difference in my life.  Please know that-- 

bisous, e


  1. Elizabeth, almost everybody I talk to is having a challenging May in some way or another. You're definitely not alone there. And you're right, the smart thing to do is to focus on what's working, no matter how small. Every night I get into bed, pull out my gratitude journal (I chose the beachy one, of course) and sit there until I fill in five lines. Yesterday, one of my five things was "apples." They are such an awesome snack. So portable, no container necessary, so yummy and satisfying on the go.

    Whatever is giving you trouble, I hope it unsnarls in a glorious way. Me, I'm holding out for June 1, for the simple reason that it won't be May anymore. :)

  2. I am grateful that YOU are here. You inspire ME and make a difference in MY life. So there, how is that for reciprocity?

    Rinne's studio looks so fabulous. I want a tour! xoxo

  3. Thanks for being so honest. Sigh ~ even in the midst of pleasure/beauty there is pain often times and we are trained to be too "nice" to speak of it!
    Honestly, I'm gonna say it for once " I am glad that I'm not the only one havin a lousy no make that a crappy May". There I've said it. I too believe in gratitude, forgiveness and grace but sometimes we have to dance with our shadows. The photos do give a sense of this woman's artistry. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing - the good and the not so good. In the long run it's all good.

  4. love those shots of rinne, especially the middle one. and her studio looks amazing...i think you did catch a hint of its vibe;) being here with you...

  5. oh Elizabeth - I'm so sorry that you feel like you're in a perfect storm. sunny days ahead - I assure you - many of your dear friends will see to that :) how you inspire me too - from the turrets to the terraces and every territory in between. bright blessings xo

  6. I just gotta say that your traveling gods have been with you, for sure! I so love the little city of Athens, so very quirky and pretty and southern. Such a nice glimpse into Rinnies studio, she's lovely, would love to see what she does in her beautiful space.

    And thanks for just coming here when you come and for sharing your awesome pups and great photography ~ hey, we're all doing the best we can, right?

  7. So close - two states away - and yet so far away! I knew I felt a tremor - Elizabeth in the Deep South!

    Those walls are just gorgeous.

    I am so sorry things are so rough lately, my dear friend. Let's just say the month is not over yet! And hoping things start to sort out soon.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e