Monday, May 28

guess what I have?


If your answer was--two very tired, sea salty dogs snoring soundly you would be the winner!


Oh yes. Holidays can seem like they are so relaxing what with the trips to rocky cliffs and long walks through the meadow-- but they can also, induce deep, to the bone, exhaustion.


Which is actually a wonderful thing unless a giant wave is about to crash on your head-- Daisy!

Get out of there before you get washed out to sea and find yourself singing back-up to Ariel and the three little mermaids!


Ahh, that's better.

These crazy dogs.

They would walk directly in front of a firetruck that is wailing full-tilt down the center of the street and sending cars veering up sidewalks to get out of its way, pause, look up and say-- hi! Gotta biscuit?


Think maybe we'd best stick to the gentler pastures . . .

bisous, e

P.S. What's that you say? Photo overload? Yes, well--- that's what happens when I go off on walkabout. mea culpa


  1. Oh, but I love your photographs! And, it is SUCH a bonus when I get to see Henry and Daisy! They are so precious. You are too. xoxo

  2. hmmmmmm. yes. very, very nice. slight jealousy of your world....and doggies. I say mea culpa too, is that because I was raised Catholic or because Latin is sooooooo potent?

  3. ahhh, yes. loving these gorgeous photos and the canine storyline is making me smile...

  4. Never photo overload. Although that last pic inspires me to pick up the paint brush!! I love the composition of the trees along the top. xoxo

  5. I loved this photo getaway! Your dogs sound as smart as my dog. ;) xo

  6. Hey, love! I've missed you.
    Your photos are beautiful & so full of green.
    Wishing you a fantastic week (it's gonna be a busy one, no?) xo

  7. You say photo overload like it's a bad thing.

  8. Never a photo overload, especially when Henry and Daisy are involved! Your photos are always so beautiful and inspiring!

  9. ohhhhh YOU GUYS---- you are loving on me TOOOoooo good. Thank you thank you---

    Henry and Daisy wish they could do a world tour and come visit each and everyone of you, I promise-- only problem is I suck at traveling so this is the only way they'll ever be in your living room-- which, I feel certain, you will be glad of . .. xoxoox, e


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