Thursday, May 24

in the weeds


It's a funny thing-- the symbolism that is everywhere. 

I scroll through my recent shots that are all about grass, weeds, fields, hay, overgrowth--- and I think, hmmmm-- veddy interesting.


We are heading into a three-day weekend and I wish you all time for fun, play, swinging in a hammock, creating new fresh fruit cocktails-- I am pretty entranced with this syrup-- think of the concoctions you could make with it!

bisous, e


  1. I wish you the same dear Elizabeth. xo

  2. Yum! thank you - off to gather my rhubarb - and my st. germain .... enjoy the long weekend :)

  3. wishing you a weekend filled with fun as well!

    p.s. love that last shot...

  4. Do you have restaurant work in your past? I waitressed from high school thru college and beyond--and "in the weeds" is also the expression for being so crazy busy with a full section that you can't think, just move and do. Once I had a dream (nightmare?) that I was super busy in two sections at once that were in two different restaurants, and to get from one to the other I had to cross a field of weeds. My subconscious can be so literal sometimes. ;)

    I hope you are having a fantastic weekend with pockets of calm as you gear up for the busy weeks ahead.


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