Thursday, May 31

like a band of gypsies we go down the highway

Henry, at the farm last summer

Dogs and I will be hitting the road and headed north this weekend.  We're going to be spending time first at the beautiful farm where we lived last year-- and I cannot wait.  Then, we head down to camp for the June session of squam.

squam lake last summer says it is going to rain all next week-- but here's the thing-- my horoscope said May 2012 would be one of the most enjoyable months ever-- and you can go have a chat with the boys at East Side Towing & Service to see how true that prediction was (oh, and-- if you see my plumber- he might also have a few winsome anecdotes to add).

By which I mean to say . . . I'm holding steady for crisp, brisk and bright weather--- don't know that I will be back here during the next little while-- if I can I surely will.

Meantime--- some recent favorite links to surf upon:

great book list from Shari

an oldie but goodie from the man who would be my boyfriend if only he weren't so young that he could be my biological child

brown bird (local providence band that I am loving so much-- think maybe Thea will go back to Newport with me this summer?)

weekends collected (the most recent brainchild of lovely Leonie that I will one day get my arse in gear and contribute to -- but meantime YOU should be sending in your photos . . it's wonderful

see you on the flip side--

bisous, e


  1. Squam will be utterly amazing even if it rains every single day. I know this. <3

  2. so wish Squam could be a reality for me, but I will check here every day to see if you have posted..........perhaps a photo or two of the fun you are having in the bright, brisk weather at Squam??

  3. I saw the chance of rain forecast and decided to think, Good thing I have bright red shiny rain boots! :)

  4. Have a great time revisiting the farm. I hope that you have some time to replenish your energy. And, Oh, Squam. I agree with those above. It won't matter if it is raining, if I can feel the love through the computer a few raindrops won't have a chance.

  5. Please plant a kiss on those doggitysnouts for me. Wish I could squam this year!!!

  6. Have a great time at Squam....I'll be there in September!!

  7. Hugs and Love all around. May you soak up the love and magic you put into Squam as it comes back through the flow.

    love you.
    Karen (deldino)

    PS: Thanks for pointing me to Leonie's weekends collection, I just submitted one.


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