Sunday, June 24

sweet sweet summer

Have you got a friend in your life that you don't see all that often, but then when you do catch up you can drop into deep conversation with the greatest of ease and it's as if months hadn't passed since the last time you talked?

That's how this blog feels to me, sometimes.  So much has been going (though, of course, from the cosmic perspective-- nothing much has been going on) and I don't know where to begin so I thought I would bring you into my world as of yesterday morning.

Above is the table next to my white chair where I sink in to write, meditate, scribble and read each morning.  Both feathers were found along the path at the farm last week on different days;  the red one-- a cardinal's, I expect-- and the yellow one, surely a goldfinch.

The square of tile is something I picked up at the farmer's market-- am a sucker for ceramic as you must know by now-- and am quite smitten with this new discovery:  symmetry tile works.  Funny, since right next to it is my favorite mug (thank you, Linda!), one of Asya's porcelain beauties and how did I meet Asya?  Why at this very same farmer's market right about this time last year.  Worth noting since I only went a few times last summer and that was the only time she had a booth there . . .

But then, there are no coincidences, yes?  We meet the people we are supposed to meet-- we have the experiences we are supposed to have whether or not they make any sense to us at the time.

In other news, my car smells like dog.  Have I already mentioned this?  Lauren mentions it every once and again-- and I was all, "really?  I can't smell it."  Which is actually more distressing to me than the fact that it does-- but then, one night at Squam I was dropping the incandescent Ramona at her cottage and as she unbuckled her seatbelt she said quite sweetly, "I love the smell of dog."

The hell?  My car smells like dog?

So now I am totally smelling dog everywhere because-- hello, my dogs go swimming every day and if there's anything that you can smell it is wet dog.  :: sigh :: 

Suggestions welcome for how to improve my car aside from burning it and buying a new one since there is no new car in my budget at this time-- but some lavender sachets?  Pine?  Alas-- those in the Squam store are far too lovely for my car.


you:  Okay-- whoa.  You're MIA for 10 days and now you're gonna bury me in photographs?

me:  Um, yeah?

Last week I was walking the beach and found a conch I will treasure for all time-- not because it was perfect, lustrous with a pink mother-of-pearl glow.  No, because she had been ravaged by the sea and the elements, but was still intact.


For me, maybe for you, too -- life can bat us around like a sack of catnip.  It can be challenging to weather the storms of relationships, misunderstandings, heartbreak and garden variety mishaps.  Sometimes we might want to scream at the heavens for a little bit of explanation--- and then, in reply we find a response-- like this shell, or like the gorgeous tiny, amazing live snail I found Friday night on a city sidewalk that had just been washed with rain after seeing this fun, but essentially lame-o movie.

For me, the answer is always-- just hang in there-- stay true to your heart. 
Stay connected to the mystery.  Just keep standing in your light.


bisous, e


  1. Oh, look at you ... writing just the perfect thing. I feel like that shell tonight. My daughter and my granddaughter moved to Germany. We took them there then returned home to a very empty-feeling Belgian house.
    Loved this post.
    Grazie mille xx

  2. Wise beyond your years, and a great photographer to boot. Embrace the dog smell, it part of your life with them. Right?


  3. My car often smells like dog too. Actually, I suspect that my house might smell of dog to those noses not accustomed to sharing life with dogs. My car trick for cloth upholstery is to sprinkle a nice coating of baking soda onto the cloth; don't rub it in, just lay it on there. Let it sit a bit and then vacuum it off. It's how my mom always spring-cleaned the carpets, so I've used it on my cars. My current car has leather seats though and it still has a doggish odeur at times (or so I'm told.)

    But what a small price to be paying for life with dog love, right?

  4. I love the photos and the words. Yes. A friend that you can pick up with right where you left off. Perfect. xoxox

  5. Love me, love my dog. Life is short.....those beauties are with you almost all the time and they love you BIG, dog smell seems a very small price to pay for such loyal friendship.....and is it anywhere near as bad a smell as 'McDonalds-bag-stuffed-under-the-back-seat smell'?? Photos - lovely, sentiment - priceless.

  6. Ohhhh, summer. I do love it, even the days where I just lay under the ceiling fan, not moving for a while. I second the baking soda suggestion, although I don't have dogs, but baking soda is pretty darn good for lots of things. You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your baking soda (mix it in a bit) before sprinkling, too.

    I found a random snail recently too! Just on the sidewalk, after a rain. I'm so used to seeing either periwinkles, at the beach, or slugs (aka naked snails) in the yard, but a garden-ish snail, no.

  7. i've been out of the internet loop for about a week sweet to join you here today, imagined dog smell and all.
    you're so lovely, e.
    and that shell? makes me want to cry... {in a good way}

  8. Love the shell....I have one like it and cherish it. Don't worry about the dog smell....or the dog can always find a dog hair on me!

  9. I love your doggy life - those sweet faces are more than repayment for any lingering doggy smell! Sinking into all the summery sights, sounds, tastes and smells is like a vacation, and your broken-but-not-bowed conch reminds me that beauty isn't in conventional perfection, it's in seeing perfection in the imperfect. Lovely post!

  10. scamp (aka Shirley)June 25, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    I needed this post and these photos today--thank you!

  11. My car would not be my car without dog-smell and no - I don't notice it either until someone mentions it, and then I thank them for reminding me! I love all smells, scents, sachets, odors of the earth. Do you think our dogs get into our cars and exclaim " mon deur (sp?) this car smells like people?" :):):) Love your posts and all their honesty and richness. Still setting my intention for attending Squam. My heart aches to be part of the sharing.

  12. Your doggie photos always make me smile. And, I have to say there are rare moments in my home and car when I notice that my dog has made my home "smell." I mean, to me, it's just a part of my dog adoration life. So, when I notice, I think, like you, how to change that smell? Not sure... I burn candles and incense in my apartment and ride with the windows open in my car when I can- otherwise, I just apologize to humans who occasionally ride with me. :)
    Beautiful conch shell- perfect in my eyes.

  13. Hey chickie, I need your Providence post address...can you please email it to me?

  14. "We meet the people we are supposed to meet-- we have the experiences we are supposed to have whether or not they make any sense to us at the time."
    Perfection. <3


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e