Friday, June 29

yes, the beach


It's a pretty easy formula that I follow: 
fatigue + overwhelm
(divided by)
day at the beach + ice cream
= better.


I was so loved up by your comments on the last post-- honestly, y'all are too sweet.  I do try to answer back, but some of your blogs lock me out unless I sign up for wordpress and alas, I am too much of a rebel to be forced to sign up for a program-- makes me crazy that they do that-- so just know-- you are awesome.  And, I-- as ever-- sucketh quite exceptionally in the field of responding to the kindness of comments.

But I do try to be up front about that so you don't have any false expectations of me---

Last night I discovered that Henry has a raw bleeding 8 inch spread under his neck--- sadness.  This is not the first time my fragile flower has had skin issues-- he is part sharpei, after all.  Yet, it's always a shock to me-- so he is on a healing regimen that has him looking like he's ready for supper-- and yet-- that's simply the only soft, white cloth I could find to keep him from touching the area as it heals.


Really now-- are there other dog owners that resort to using white linen napkins as tourniquets?  I ask you-- welcome to plain old crazy town.

Tomorrow I am taking my very first art class at RISD-- thanks to a heads up from Amy.  Of course, on a weekend where all I dream of is lying in bed and spending hours doing absolutely nada-- not sure if a two day intensive of 6 hour classes back to back is advisable-- but then, font o' wisdom I am not.  Wild, spontaneous, impulsive creature--- yeah, pretty much.


So, whatever you do-- when I come in here on Monday all mewling about "I so tired . ." tell me to put a sock in it. m'kay?


bisous, e


  1. have fun at your art class this weekend! i just love the last heart pic....i love it when mama ocean sends me her love!

  2. WHOA! You signed up! Oh that is so AWESOME!! We get to take a class together?! Elizabeth--what fun!! And I am feeling guilty because it will be such a gloriously perfect beach weekend and the kids love to go to the beach with both parents--one parent alone has to stay with the youngest, not go out deep with the oldest--selfish selfish me, after just having been away for five days earlier in the month. I am making up for the last ten years, obviously, all at once?

    Poor Henry. I do love his wise expressions. Shall I bring you some soft, soft cloth diapers tomorrow?

  3. oh elizabeth, i adore you.
    and your henry just makes my heart skip a beat. i love him so. and that face....oh that face.

  4. The beach + Ice Cream = Awesome anytime! It is so great that you know what feeds your soul and you are in a place where you can feed it. Give Henry a big smooch for me. Poor boy. He does kind of look like he is sitting down to some delicious spaghetti or something. I hope he heals soon. Have a great time in your class! I hope you tell us all about it.

  5. oh, henry and his linen napkin...his eyes get me every time.
    and the beach, ice cream, risd art class...yea.

  6. Poor, dear Henry...I hope he heals soon. Enjoy your classes at RISD- soak it all in!!

  7. Poor Henry, even with a sore spot, he is just so precious! Maybe you can add some Salmon Oil to his meals to help with his skin issues. I use Grizzly Salmon Oil, but there are lots of brands available. It will not only help with his skin, but inflammation as well. Hugs to the pups!

  8. The art class sounds just great. I never get tired of beach/flower/dog photos :)


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e