Sunday, July 15

feeling listy


What to do when your beloved blog becomes a weekly occurrence instead of the more daily share you would prefer?  Why create a list, of course.  Where would we be without our lists?

This is actually a question I have been playing with-- I had been thinking I was going to create an art installation at September Squam exploring that idea.  The plan was to put up flyers around town asking people to send me their to-do lists-- I wanted to collect hundreds and hundreds-- all shapes and sizes and then paper the inside of a small space with them.  The space would be on the left, low-ceiling, no chair-- every inch of floor, wall and ceiling would be plastered with to-do lists-- and then on the right?  a comfortable chair and absolutely nothing else except a wide, deep view of the lake.

Alas, my projects this summer are already full-out so no chance that little ditty is ever gonna get writ-- but, there you go-- how my mind does wander.

So, a list?  Yes-- sure, why not.

1.  Closing in on 300 typed pages of the novel-- I feel there are about another 45 - 75 to go.  I may just have that first draft on the first of November which is the finish line I set out for myself last November 1st-- so boo-yah.  That gets first place on my list.

2.  I am trying to learn how to not freak out in the face of technical malfunctions.  (emphasis, trying)  Case in point:  my cherished Lumix began exhibiting issues and I went into full-out Chicken Little 'the sky is falling, the world is ending, I'll never be able to take a picture again' mode.  (Again, I know you are wishing you could live with me, admit it, I know you are).  After leaving it on the shelf for days because I couldn't bring myself to go to the camera repair shop-- one day, I picked it up, held it, flipped it over, opened the hatch over the memory card, popped it out-- slid it directly into my laptop (instead of using the USB cord as I normally do) and, voila!  Nothing wrong with my camera-- perhaps something amiss with said USB cord-- but boom.  Problem solved.  All. By. My. Damn. Self.

Am thinking I should let NASA know I am available, should they need an advisor.


3.  Henry is mighty fine.  Anonymous had asked in the last comments--- a wee bit o' benadryl and some gold's baby powder and the heat misery cleared up.  I still have to watch it as the summer heat is tough on my delicate violet-- but he's back to his regular bizarre self.


4.  The Story is Happening  Yesterday I zipped up to visit Tara in her new home-- she and the hubs just bought their very first house and I came bearing this coffee cake and some other fun goodies in celebration.  Later we went shopping because she needed to get a gift for a wedding shower.  We ended up in Anthropologie and people, if anything sums me up more than this, I don't know what it is:  a store three-stories high with adorable dresses, pretty blouses, tunics, lingerie, housewares and I come home with . . . wait for it . . a book.  Um, yes.

Love it.  So inspiring.  Got me painting all morning today-- so there you go.  As long as I'm not buying my clothes in art supply stores I think it's all good.

5.  I was chatting with a friend who just came back from France and she felt bad saying that they were so rude and just, you know, so very French.  I nodded sympathetically and it's true-- they are a tough breed, for sure.  But god knows, there is much to love about this challenging tribe of mine.

bisous, e


  1. 1. I love this post.
    2. YOU FIXED IT! Or at least figured out that it was a cord that was broken...YAY!
    3. A BOOK? That is almost done? (This should be number one on my list too.) When can I read this?
    4. I am so glad that Henry is all better. Give him a kiss from me. A big sloppy one.
    5. I am MAKING that coffee cake TODAY. YUM! I even have cream cheese in my refrigerator right now! I am going to be a rebel and use fresh berries though. I will send out my children of labor to harvest the bounty this morning. (What? Child labor laws? Huh.)
    5. I have the same sickness about buying books. It is nice to be in good company.
    6. xoxo

  2. oh Megsie--

    1. I love you.

    2. I know, right? what does this portend?

    3. Yes-- a novel. Cannot believe it myself--- you get to be one of the VERY first readers-- I promise!!

    4. Henry said thanks.

    5. I should have said I used FRESH berries, too-- no way I was using frozen in the middle of summer when the farmer's market has them in spades. So, what i did was put some batter down, then layer a pattern of berries, finish batter over top and then berries and sugar on top-- it was good, but be prepared it is LIGHT, super light, not at all heavy like I was expecting from coffeecake so I had to adjust a bit-- it's super light, super moist-- quite lovely and SUPER easy to make.
    6. you are magic-- xoxooxox, e

  3. I love list making. I find when I have too much to write in my journal I end making a list so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. The list project would be interesting and awesome. If only there were more time.

    Coffee cake from heaven? I agree with Meg that I must make this.

    No idea you were working on a novel. I hope to read it one day.

    ...and I usually walk out with more books than clothes at anthro as well.

    Fun post!

  4. 1. Thanks for letting me know that 'The Face' is fine.....with his benadryl and powder.

    2. Can't wait for a novel to read.....from you.

    3. Preparing for annual summer vacation with 7 grandchildren running around underfoot.

    4. Remembering to have wine with dinner (see above)

    5. Loving every minute of this summer!!!!

    6. Going to Anthropologie to peruse books and other items

    (my July to do list)

  5. yes yes-- should tell you all-- you can ALL read the novel-- ha ha ha haha

    OF COURSE-- you will be the VERY first to know when it is available for pre-reading . .

    oxox, e

  6. Speaking of books...speaking of lists...this is one of my all-time favorite books. It makes me laugh out loud every time i pick it up.
    xo Mary

  7. 1. i love this.
    2. you make me smile.
    3. you are beauty in and out and all around.


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