Wednesday, July 25

in the breeze and whispering leaves


Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where they know how to "take the reservation, but not how to hold the reservation?"  No?  Okay, here let me help--- go ahead, this will jog your memory.

Yeah ..  . seems like a funny story that could happen on a sitcom but not in real life.  Cut to yesterday morning as I arrive in Albuquerque to pick up the rental car I had reserved-- um, me and ten other people in line only to find out-- uh, yeah-- not so much with the cars waiting for us.  So, instead of joining with the wailing and screaming unloading their anger on the poor front desk girl who I can safely assume had nothing to do with the insane decision from some idiot on high-- I jumped over to Avis to see if they had any cars.  oh, they did have one and, yeah-- you're gonna have to scroll down a ways to catch a gander as I still don't know what to make of it even through I drove it from ABQ to Santa Fe and then up and around Abiquiu today.  Crazy.



In case you were wondering, New Mexico is as pretty as ever.

Oddly though, it no longer calls to me as a possible future home as it once did.  I am not sure what to make of that, but it is true.  It is indeed a magical, magical place but it no longer has that pull on my heart that it once did.

I am as surprised as anyone to realize that the homescape of Providence seems to have me under its spell.  (note:  if you want to get a glimpse of my world through an amazing lens-- check out the photos Susannah took while visiting with me this weekend).


For the first time ever, I got to walk around where Georgia O'Keeffe lived and worked and wow-- it was like walking into her paintings.  I know these colors, these rocks, these scrubby green dots intimately-- as would anyone who has spent hours gazing on her work.  But it was a really odd feeling, too-- a good one, just odd to arrive at a place you have never been and find it utterly familiar.


I know, right?  (and yes, it is a convertible-- the hell?)


I've been reading Thoreau (I to Myself) and I'm not sure what I enjoy more-- seeing how he can be a judgmental dick (I say that with all love, of course), knowing that he was never the self-sufficient hermit of legend but pretty much a boy camping out in the back yard because come on people-- his mother did his laundry! -- or his moments of illumination.  Actually, ALL of it is why I like him so.  He is a perfectly flawed human being like each of us are and that's why I savor his striving, his seeking-- his desire to connect with truth and beauty while sometimes being kind of a jerk.  Below is an entry from August 26, 1843 that came to mind today as I stood in the middle of the landscape in the pictures above.

"The future will no doubt be a more natural life than this.  We shall be acquainted and shall use flowers and stars and sun and moon, and occupy this nature which now stands over and around us.  We shall reach up to the stars and pluck fruit from the many parts of the universe.  We shall purely use the earth and not abuse it.  God is in the breeze and whispering leaves and we shall then hear him.  We live in the midst of all the beauty and grandeur that was ever described or conceived."

Um, yes please-- let it be so.

Home tomorrow.

bisous, e


  1. Oh, those photos. And that CAR! So cool. I am sorry that New Mexico has been demoted in your eyes. I have never been there, but I remember former posts where you were swooning. I know that when that happens to me, it is a loss. Providence has wooed you and won it seems. That makes me smile!

  2. I have never been to NM, or to the southwest at all, really, and now I feel like I must, must go. How beautiful!

  3. Oh my goodness, it is hard to believe after seeing these gorgeous pictures that New Mexico didn't capture your heart. However, I am pretty darn happy to know that it is little ole' Providence that does it for you now....who would have thought!?

  4. My sister-in-law just moved out to NM and after your pictures, I have renewed inspiration to get myself out there! (Spent my 21st birthday in Santa Fe ... pretty magical, eh?)

    Okay, the green mustang ... I am wondering if rental cars aren't some kind of message from the Universe or maybe a perverse fortune cookie? I mean, what does one say about the pairing of a mystic vixen and a racy sports car? I winch because I am remembering the car I was burdened to drive up to Lenox for a week at Kripalu (home of many decal-bedecked subarus and volkswagons) was a lemonade yellow PT Cruiser. Yeah. The car I have been known to call a "douche-mobile" (sorry if I offend any PT Cruiser lovers ...) Now tell me, what does THAT mean? (Oh, and love your take on Thoreau!) xoxo

  5. I smiled when I saw the green monster you drove- like it's totally rad, dewwwd! :)

    Love that final quote and your perspective on the man. I mean, who's perfect, really? Enjoy your time and your travels homeward. :)

  6. HA :) you're out of town but i'm looking to take a quick and last minute trip away. your dogs always look like they're having so much fun and it looks like the ocean isn't that far... if you are able to make any recommendations on places to stay in or around providence, let me know :)

  7. Hi Yasmine-- I would love to share what (little) I know of the Providence area-- I tried to leave you a comment but wordpress wouldn't let me and I don't have your email so please do email me-- and I am happy to help! xoox, e

  8. fantastic photos and, yes, colors that are so familiar since i've spent minutes and hours gazing at the work of o'keeffe.

    and i'm enjoying your perspective on thoreau. i find it interesting how our society is so quick to set people upon pedestals and then somehow forget their humanness. so good to accept the flaws while appreciating the illuminations and seeking.

  9. I never knew that about Thoreau! And...HOT CAR!!!!!!!!!!



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