Wednesday, July 18

on the good ship lollipop


There are some places that hold my heart, places that I dream about in that fantasy way of 'oh, someday, I'll spend three whole months there without a care in the world' -- Nantucket is such a place.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to steal away to visit a squammy friend who is on the island for some holiday and although it seems kind of crazy to go for just an overnight trip-- it's such a dreamy place that even one day feels like a lifetime away. 

So sweet.  So restorative.  So good.


Next week I am traveling again to another one of my most favorite-est places in the world, and again, for a ridiculously short visit-- but that is my life right now.  Oh, and tomorrow I am going to be interviewed live on a radio show!  Yowza--- so if you want to check in on that-- follow Squam twitter (I think it is squamlove?) or Squam facebook as the details about it are there.  It's supposed to happen around noon PST time and 3pm EST . . we'll see.  Wish me luck as I am a writer firstly and often not so quick on my feet verbally-- so I hope manage to be moderately articulate-- but it's gonna be what it is.  I'll give it my best shot.


Look at that bunny!  She was waiting for me this morning--- isn't it wild how you can see her looking right at us even though her head is pointed forward? Love her--- I feel like I could reach out and stroke that lustrous fur coat of hers-- of course she disappeared into the tall green with a few graceful leaps before I could even approach.

But it's okay because this was also waiting for me this morning--- sigh


Where are the places that hold your heart?

bisous, e


  1. oooooh my...that last picture is too beautiful for words. i think i would like to wake up to that every morning. gorgeous capture, my dear.


  2. There's a spot on the beach at Del Mar (at 21st street, to be specific) where my sister-in-law's family gathers every Monday evening for a picnic dinner. Everyone brings chairs, tables, food, beer, wine, and whatever else appeals. The kids run around in and out of the surf while the adults take turns standing guard, chatting or just soaking up the evening sun. Sometimes the tide sneaks up on us and we have to grab our things and scurry to higher ground, but mostly we all just hang out until the kids start to droop, the sun starts to set, and the air starts to get chilly.

    It's no more special there than anywhere else on the endless miles of beach along the California coast, but I love it ridiculously.

  3. thanks Sissy--- you deserve to wake up to that every morning-- and Kat, oh MY, woman-- I could feel and see that scene you just described-- a bit o' heaven to be sure-- xo,

  4. years ago, i hiked a trail in oregon in the mt. hood area. i probably couldn't find it again if i tried. but i remember reaching the turnaround point of my hike...a meadow full of wildflowers, mountains, trees all around me. i felt like i was in the sound of music and might burst into "the hills are alive..."
    i may not walk that trail ever again or find that meadow. but the memory of it, the memory of how my heart leapt that first moment...sealed in my heart forever.

  5. ohhh michelle-- love that image-- a magic place that still lives-- I bet you COULD find it again! xo e

  6. HOLLAND (or rather the Netherlands). And CHICAGO. that last photo is amazingly beautiful. Also, did you get my comment a bit back? I need your Providence address!!

  7. I have been trying to answer this for two days! This question of the places that hold my heart was hard. I love the ocean, and its majestic, awesome-ness. The salt air, the waves crashing, my footprints in the surf. If I had to pick a place, I suppose it would be Grand Cayman Island where I spent my honeymoon. The tropical fish followed you as you walked in to the warm, clear water. The beach was the best place to read. But it could be the beach in Carlsbad at sunset. Eating pizza on the surf-strewn boulders watching for the green flash. I also think home is where my heart is. I am always happiest in my own bed, on my own couch, with my own refrigerator. I don't travel nearly enough to have a favorite place. But when I get to go to the ocean? It is magic.

  8. oh Liz and Megsie-- wouldn't it be fun for us all to be TOGETHER in a favorite place? I hold the vision that someday it could happen . . . xoxox, e Liz I didn't see it-- but will email you my addy-- are you sending me a teenage girl, by chance? ahahahhaha


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e