Sunday, July 22

one hundred wild swans


If you were to reach the water's edge and come upon one hundred wild swans, a sight that I couldn't even capture on my camera, a sight that I didn't know could exist-- would you think the universe had a message for you?  Particularly since the universe had previously dished up this swan visitation, and this one and then this one where they flew over my head, the hell?

Transformation, people.  There is one word the universe is intent upon my receiving and the word is:  transformation.  Words playing a supporting role in this current life stage I am in also include:  tribe, truth and tenderness.

Don't worry, I will make no allusions to Sesame Street and playing with letters.

There is no time.  Today at three Susannah touches down and will travel here by train-- okay, now I'm just messing with you-- promise, I'll stop.  Not sure what we will get up to but with any luck there will be some walkabouts with cameras in hand as well as some lounging and noshing and catching up.

Tuesday morning I catch a flight to New Mexico--- the land of enchantment has long been one of my most favorite places in the world-- so it's always odd to be headed there as I wonder if it will still hold it's magic over me . . . we'll find out.

Meantime-- SWANS.  One hundred wild swans--- I counted them-- you can't see them all but if you look closely at the photos you will see white dots in the distance on the sand.  That is some of them-- many many more (um, some percentage of a hundred) are off to the right.  My damned camera battery that I had just charged went kaput. Grrrrr.  Like if there were one time for your battery to die when you had CHARGED it and everything and you come upon a vision like this--- oh well.  In my heart-- it lives and lives and will forever live.

One early morning, I came out to the water's edge and there were one hundred wild swans.  And?  One giant blue heron*.


bisous, e

*no photo of blue heron due to dead. battery. camera. grrrr.


  1. scamp (aka Shirley)July 22, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Transformation is an amazing thing. Tiny shifts in perception. Big ahas.

    Give Susannah a hug from me, that she was missed by all at Garrison, and tell her that I'm looking forward to October.


  2. Sometimes the camera lens can distance you from an experience - I love these pictures and I think the universe might have been telling you to really feel the swan visitation and not just witness it.

    xoxoxo -K

  3. A gift, pure and simple. (And apparently brought to you by the letter "T"?) (I love Sesame Street by the way.) Anyway, how wonderful and powerful to be swept up by 100 Wild Swans...which is poetic in its own right. It seems like there is definitely a little nudge from the universe, doesn't it? I happen to have read all of your posts from the archives of Blue Poppy, and I think that the transformation has been happening for a long time. You have become, um, well, YOURSELF. And look at how beautiful that is. xoxo

  4. goosebumps.
    and indeed this will live forever in your heart...

  5. Amazing. One hundred white swans! Thinking about swans brought the cover of Sufjan Stevens' Seven Swans to is not a hundred, but seven signifies perfection/completion so what does 100 mean? Don't you love the messages you get - 100 swans is something you cannot miss!

    I just saw Susannah post to Instagram a picture of Henry...and said for her to tell you I send you BIG love, as always. And New Mexico! I'm swooning for you, oh desert...have a blissful time.

  6. AMAZING!!!! I've had my share of animal messages....but not one like that!!! WOW!!!

  7. Can't ignore a universal message. BTW came across this website with the most etherial photos. Here's the web address, hope you like it.


  8. Oh yes, the messages and messengers are ALL around us! My girl was so excited to go kayaking on the Cape and see swans! (While I was off by myself, being visited by an egret, hawk and hello? Horseflies!)

    Safe travels ... I thought for sure I saw you on the Cape but it was your tamer twin. Can't wait to read and see the next installment of Elizabeth in Wonderland ... I think I've fallen down the rabbit's hole peering so far in to catch a glimpse :)
    xo Lis

  9. Have a great trip! I love when the swans fly overhead can tell by the sound (they fly really low). Also, the Wild Swans is one of my favorite fairytales. Good stuff.


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