Wednesday, July 4

one year later


This morning, I type to you from a bed where I slept with no dogs getting me up in the middle of the night or crowding me off to the edge.  To my left, rain pours down outside the large plate glass of my hotel room and I think it is absolutely beautiful.

My niece Kate and I made a date to meet here as we wanted to do some full moon magic, but she is terribly allergic to the beasts and so we decided to just make it fun-- get a kicky hotel room with a great pool, which is what we did.  The weather has been one gorgeous day after the next leading up to last night which was warm, breezy and perfect for long conversations over grilled steak and asparagus, heirloom tomatoes with olive oil and mozzerella, and chilled glasses of prosecco.

It's odd how we could have both so easily talked ourselves out of this-- oh, it's just one night-- what's the point, not worth the trouble, etc-- and yet?  We had the best connection that I don't think would've happened just chatting over the phone-- sometimes getting all the guff of daily life out of the way and being in a neutral (and indulgent) space can open up whole new channels of communication.

So here we are, both tapping away on our laptops--- rain steady out the window--- and it feels lovely and decidedly indulgent.

A year ago today, there was rain.  After a long day of moving house in the midst of a non-stop downpour where the moving van broke down on at the toll booth--- the dogs and I huddled on the bed and waited for morning.  Boxes were everywhere.  Everything felt foreign and raw.  I was tired, overwhelmed and nothing felt good.  It's not that anything felt bad-- it's just that it was too hot to close the window and there was a wild college party at the house next door rocking until 3 in the morning and I didn't yet have blackout blinds so the streetlight poured in-- so, we huddled.  All of us unsure.

Today that feels like a million years ago.  I can't say that Providence is my forever home.  Anything beyond the immediate future drops into mist for me, but I can tell you I absolutely love living here and cannot believe my good luck in landing in a place that fits me so perfectly.

In the spirit of a one year anniversary, I want to list out some of the best bits about Provy that I love, the underbelly of Provy that I don't love, and put out to the universe some things I'd love to experience in the year ahead.  Okay by you?  Alright-- here we go.

 what I love:
:: the streets ::

:: the dog-friendly vibe with loads of great places to walk them :: 

henry at the dog park1IMG_3004P1030007P1020997P1070316IMG_5148

:: the colorful victorian houses ::


:: the beaches ::


:: cozy apartment that friends like to visit ::


:: the beauty ::


The underbelly?  Yeah-- that's anything to do with vehicles:  parking, registering, repairing.

The year ahead?  Hmm, I've run out of time-- my niece is hungry-- we've got to hit the road.  I'm gonna give it over to the universe-- the powers that be seem to be doing me right so far-- think I'll let go and simply trust.

may your day be filled with freedom and all those things you love most--

bisous, e


  1. Everyone always looks so comfortable in your apartment--human and beast both. I wish I had your talent for creating comfort everywhere. You're definitely an inspiration.

  2. so sweet to feel {and see} this gratitude pouring from your heart.
    here's to anniversaries and freedom and giving things over to the universe...

  3. E, I so love reading your posts. Your words always make me laugh and/or fill me up with their wry wit and honesty, and your photos never fail to make me hold my breath in awe at the beauty. Plus, there's the pups. Thank you for continuing to hold open this space for us to visit and know you and your world. xo

  4. if you ever need a dog sitter, call me. really. i want to sit in that cozy spot reading a book with henry by my side. but wait. you may not want to do that. you may never be able to get me outta there. xox

  5. You make me want to visit Providence. :) Gorgeous all around!! Thanks for giving me insight in to how life has changed for you in a year- sometimes it's enlightening to know about shifts and about huddling with your doggies in a new place. Glad you are now at home in your home.

  6. What a beautiful post. You are living a beautiful life. I am so grateful that you share it with me, it is inspiring to say the least. Also? I am so happy that you are so happy! xoxo

  7. A request - we land in your neck of the woods (TF Green) this Saturday and I would love for you to arrange similar views for us as we inch our way out to Cape Cod. We'll be the tired trio in a rental car ...

    but seriously, i cannot wait to dip my toes into the Atlantic. Your images always make me homesick for the East ...

    xo Lis

  8. I love what your first year has looked like.
    I imagine beauty & peace & love in the years to come :)

  9. Hi
    I just found your blog via a link on Christine Chitnis' blog. It has such a great feel good factor about it that I will come back to read more and ponder over your lovely photographs. Your local tourist board will have to start paying you, it seems like a wonderful place.

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Love this, love you and now I really want to come visit. How far is it from Chelmsford to Providence again?


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e