Wednesday, August 1

30 july 2012


Dear Vikram John,

On the morning you were born, the dogs and I went out to the farm near where you live to photograph the sky for you.  It was clear and blue.  The air was soft and sweet.  A gentle breeze ruffled the tall grass.


There are all kinds of things you are going to learn like, what kind of bird is that-- (I don't know, I trust you'll find out and teach me).  I also don't know what kind of trucks those are, but rest assured, your big brother Vijay does and he will tell you Alllll about them!  (Me?  not so much).


If ever you are wondering how to please your mama-- it's super easy-- hint:  pretty flowers and fresh berries and you are in like flint, little man.


By the way?  Great choice in parents-- seriously, I am impressed with your smarts already.  (I don't have any photos of your dad, but trust me-- he's all that and a bag of chips).

Of course, I don't have to tell you anything about that goddess of a mama of yours-- you guys have been hanging out for months now.


(Fyi, I know she won't like this second photograph of her laughing that's all out of focus, but that's too bad cause I love it).

And, can I just tell you how glad I am that you all are gonna be staying in Providence for a few more years?  I know there was talk of maybe vamoosing to somewhere else but c'mon-- who else gets a view like that from your hospital window?  Seriously, Vik-- this town is cool-- you're gonna like it.


So after checking in with you and getting to hold you for a couple hours while your mom and I caught up-- I went home and grabbed the dogs. We walked down to the field at the bottom of the hill where you live.

We wanted you to know the sky the night you were born was still clear and true. A fat full moon sat in the blue dusk and all was sweet and lovely.


Welcome to the world, punky. We are so glad you are here.


bisous, Auntie Beth


  1. This is such a gift. A tribute to a brand new person! He is so precious, and he is so lucky to have YOU as "Auntie Beth".

  2. a beautiful love letter to welcome him to the world.

    please hug and congratulate his mama for me?
    and give yourself a squeeze from me while you're at it


  3. Oh gorgeous boy, so lucky to be born to such a wonderful family and to have such a lovely welcome to the world from his Auntie Beth!

  4. I second leoni, such a beautiful love letter E. And yes, welcome to the world Vik.


  5. One for the baby book! Nicely done :)

  6. This is so lovely . . . what a lucky little guy he is!

  7. So beautiful! I hope you plan on putting these images and words into a little book for him to have when he is older (sorry, after my first Dog Dare I'm a pro at photo books!)

    And I too love blurry pictures ... they capture that sense of a moment snatched in the midst of so much happening.

    Sorry, can't resist ... you gotta look here: ... i mean, you've seeped into my photographer's soul! xo

  8. e, you put tears in my eyes with the beauty of this...

  9. Beautiful!Beautiful! Beautiful! Every which way! Best Wishes to Christine! And how gorgeous does SHE LOOK after giving birth!!! Love!

  10. What a baby, and what an auntie. So, so sweet. What a great moon to be born under....

  11. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous baby, and what a beautiful tribute to them both.

  12. Liz.. this is so beautiful! I'm so happy to see pics of mama & baby. What a blessing. xo

  13. Elizabeth,
    This is so touching to read and a tribute not only to the new little one but to your friendship with Christine. Nothing better than good friends is there? xoLaura


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