Thursday, August 9

oh youse guys!


Seriously? Y'all love me up (and my pups) sooo good. THANK you.  Thank you for all the loving and understanding comments-- yes, I am investigating everything on doggy arthritis-- acupuncture, swimming, massage, etc.  My wounded solider just can't seem to ever be without a need for healing as some dog jumped on him at the park (totally normal play) and Henry got a rip on his side that has split into a big open wound that needs to be kept clean.  *sigh*

The boy, he is fragile.

The day went on to fulfill its full-scope promise of all that and the kitchen sink as we did drive all the way up to the beach only to be shut out as a private party was going on-- hot and frustrating, blah

I took the opportunity to run a bunch of errands that had been hanging over my head to have not one of them work out-- which means to say I have to run them all again, blah. blah.

A package I sent to Italy last May was returned to me which meant all my thanks to all those loving people was never received. blah to the blabbity blah blah.  And?  GRRRrrrrrrr.

BUT, the weather was also gorgeous. I got a slew of lovely and exciting emails. I had time to knit on my latest knitting project AND thanks to a recommendation from a behind the scenes mv reader-- got a new book that I am loving: Invisible Acts of Power: channeling grace in your everyday life (Caroline Myss).

The sun is pouring through the windows and I am about to throw the dogs in the back of the car for another try for a beach swim--- *fingers crossed*

Some fun things for you:

Shari's (ever fabulous) book recommendations

these lovely quilts

there will never be a time I won't wish I could do this

meet cropper:  
my fave part?  when he walks around with cropper on his shoulders - love

keep on being your amazing, shining, AWESOME, loving selves---

biosus, e


  1. Elizabeth,
    I sent an email to you via Squam contact as I dont' have a current email for you. I don't know if you saw on the web the photo of John Unger and his dog Schoep who has debilitating arthritis. The dog is 19 years old and John takes Scheop into Lake Superior every night to help the dog relax and fall asleep. Evidently this summer the lake is warm enough to be therapeutic for relieving the dog's arthritis. A local photographer took a photo of the two of them in the lake. The photo is, for a lack of a better word, amazing. The look on the dogs face and the love emanating from the both of them just slays me.

    The video is heart warming. You know sometimes humanity has the capacity to just blow us away with love, doesn't it?


  2. Bridgemor, I love that story! Thank you for sharing it. I would so love to see the photo you're talking about.

    Elizabeth, that video is priceless. I've now shared it with everyone I know. :)

  3. Christina
    Just google John Unger and the picture will pop up, or you can go to Stonehouse Photo to see it. One of the local news stations here in Minneapolis just did an expose on John and Schoep. John lives in Bayfield Wisconsin near Lake Superior. It is a lovely story, but the photo is pure love.


    1. Bridgemor, thank you for the tip -- totally overcome by that photo and the story. Thank you.

  4. I think hooping might just be a huge part of the secret to life...right there with you on that wish! Perhaps this needed to be added to the squam roster? ;) Hope you and your babies have a better day today. xo Two

  5. Oh, sorry about the blahs yesterday. I hope today is blah free! Hate the double running of errands...blah is right. xoxo

  6. i totally needed to meet cropper today...thank you :)

    hope the second try at the beach was a success...


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