Sunday, August 12

the kindness! the kindness!


Take that Joseph Conrad!  If you're looking for horror-- look elsewhere.

After I shared my concerns about Henry and the very real possibility of his aging (despite all my ancient forest concoctions brewed with the gossamer strands curried gently from the coats of newborn unicorns and brewed under a full moon), y'all were just so generous with your sweet and pragmatic suggestions.

Thanks to your comments and emails, I am now on the hunt for a pool where he might get a more regular swim activity and also a doggy acupuncturist . . and as if that weren't enough, Henry was also the beneficiary of some complimentary long-distance reiki-- so let us just take a moment to say, the boy, he is loved.


This morning was rather gray and it wasn't clear to me if the heavens were going to drop another battery of rain on our heads as we plunged into the fields for a long meander, but the skies shifted and glimmers of sunlight appeared instead. 

I came home all ready to tell you how fun it can be to snap photos amidst glinting grays, when I stopped to first have some coffee, read a bit more in Mr. H D T when wouldn't you know?  On August 31, 1852 he writes,

It is worth the while to have had a cloudy, even a stormy, day for an excursion, 
if only that you are out at the clearing up.  The beauty of the landscape is the greater, 
not only by reason of the contrast with its recent lowering aspect, 
but because of the greater freshness and purity of the air and of vegetation, 
and of the repressed and so recruited spirits of the beholder. (I to Myself)

damn, dude totally beat me to it-- I was so gonna type the exact same thing, but you know, more better.


Happily, happily we go along and then, oh no!  Another thing that will really pop out at you on a silvery mist morning?  Oh yes, the dreaded turning leaf.


Daisy, as ever, is unaware of anything but the present moment and the pleasure of the grass.


And Henry?  Well that there is his happy face.


bisous, e


  1. Oh, that pup. That face of his in the very first photo of him above just kills me. I want to squish my face into his and give him big kisses. :)

  2. He is so handsome. In a Harrison Ford kinda way :) Which is a very good way.

    It was an absolute pleasure to send reiki for Henry, he has such a delicious energy.

  3. That's funny, Jo—I think Henry is the most human-looking dog I have ever met. Glad he's getting some extra TLC! Long-distance puppy reiki, now that's pretty cool.

  4. y'all are so lucky to have each other... and those beautiful open spaces to roam and enjoy. you captured some pretty stunning photos. wow.

  5. I am so happy after reading this post. Whenever I visit here the light washes over be so lucky.

  6. I think I need to come out so you can take both me and Henry in for some acupuncture and aquatic therapy (ah, perimenopause and knees! how you challenge me!) and then shower us in the beauty of your world and yourself. A sure fire prescription for healing! And here I am, cooking rice for my poor boy (and thankful he only requires rice occasionally ... I used to believe I took the prize for pet mama when I would cook liver - i am a vegetarian - for my previous boy ... but i do believe that honor goes to anyone loving a cat with megacolon. Can you imagine giving a cat a daily enema? Yes, take the acupuncture and wet dog!) xoxo one month away ... hugs coming at you ... xoxo

  7. I love those doggie faces too! Henry looks especially sweet next to the Queen Anne's lace. :) I am glad to hear about the recommendations for Henry's hips- they sound perfect and helpful! Damned HDT- stealing your thoughts! :)

  8. I love me some Henry photos, but not wanting to leave Daisy out......she seems a most darling dog with her winning smiles and vibrant personality (see: rolling in the grass). I think they are both lucky to own you and I can tell that you love them so much. They are in good, kind hands.

  9. oh, those fields through which you and your pups romp...gorgeous!
    it's so wonderful to hear about the goodness that has come your way to help dear henry {his sweet face is too much}. and love daisy living it up in the moment {gotta love a girl who rolls like that}

  10. Those 2 are such a tonic :) As are your photos, every time. A WEEK! A WEEK!!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e