Thursday, September 6

sail away with me honey


Yes, I've been away and will be gone some more.

It's that time of year-- in fact, it's gonna be quite the next couple of months as following our September gathering, there is SquamItalia! and Squam by the sea.

Not sure how that is all gonna play out but keep me in your happy thoughts, m'kay?

The dogs, well-- let's just say this is not their happy time of year.


Although in my defense, I dropped into bed after 1am last night/morning and got them out to the farm at 7am so that they would get a big romp in before Lauren and I dug into the day at hand which is long and without much focus on the world of pups.

When I start seeing clouds as space ships-- I think you should put in a call for the good folks at Men In White to come swiftly and carry me away . .


more soonest, e


  1. no ... we will carry you ... dreams of next week are supporting me through the craziness of travel/leaving prep. And always the most pressing question - which shoes? (and boots)


    1. lis - girl... the dilemma.. me too. i always manage to bring more shoes than clothes. xox see you soon

  2. henry is like the brad pitt of dogs. really. he's gorgeous.

    btw, i'll gladly go to all those event for you. really. ya wouldn't have to ask twice. lol


  3. everytime your posts pop up in my reader, I mentally calculate the number of days until I get to hug you!
    (nb: its 27).

    ps: pooch is way too cute.

  4. I am sad not to be attending Squam this fall. I must sell the kids.

  5. this will be my first year at squam and i'm in list making and planning mode....i can't believe it's NEXT week!! i'm so excited and nervous all at the same time!!

  6. Oh, my gosh! SELL THE KIDS! Why didn't I think of that? But, alas, it is too late for this year...

    Some day. Really.

    I will be there in spirit (again) (always). xoxoxo

  7. I feel honored that I had one evening with you :)

  8. Breathe in. Breathe out.
    You've got a fabulous week ahead!


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