Saturday, September 1


The end of summer + a (second!) full moon seems to have banished my more light-hearted self to the root cellar, kicked the door shut and hit the lights.

Or, maybe it was reading this biography in two straight nights (note: not the recommended approach)-- damn, that boy *sigh* --  and it was a bit too eerie just how many criss-crossing paths our lives had-- so maybe that has added to the melancholy.


I'm thinking Daisy's approach to the sight of turning leaves is the one I should follow.


Daisy: um,  I think I'm gonna hurl.


hmmm, rolling in the grass til I puke sounds like so much fun, but I think I'm gonna stick to what's been working for me:  roam the fields with my camera and let my head go soak in the pond.


Will I go a bit overboard with the red fescue?

Hell yeah.


And then?
Seriously. If you are gonna do some haying, by all means have a bright blue tractor and red baler--


-- if that doesn't set the world to right, go back to the kitchen and start chopping vegetables from the farmer's market.


Henry: oh, you're headed to the kitchen? mind bringing me a treat?


Henry: nothing fancy-- perhaps a poached egg on grilled brioche or a watercress sandwich, or wait, how about a few scallops wrapped in bacon and do you have any of those little cheeses?  I just love those. . .

bisous, e


  1. e, you somehow manage to reach a deep part of my heart while simultaneously making me laugh out loud.
    i do adore you so...

  2. Dear Summer luvin' Liz. You can keep a piece of summer with you all year round. Get a mini travel bottle. Fill it with some sand & ocean water, maybe a leaf from a pretty blossom - and display it somewhere you will always see it. I don't know, I have this sneaking suspicion that the colors & aromas of fall will win over your heart. Just sayin'.

  3. Your sense of humor and quick wit may just pull you out of that melancholy yet E. Bella has a great idea. Thanks Bella, I hope you don't mind if I take you up on your suggestion, cause despite the heat, this summer has been glorious. But Fall, alas has my heart already aflutter. With neighbors gathering in back yards around the fire, talking of summer adventures, cool nights and the recent blue moon how else to you make the transition from summer to fall. Maybe a treat from the kitchen?


  4. I think Henry is more sophisticated than I am. Wait. I KNOW he is. And those pictures... you have done it again with the beauty! xoxoxo

  5. So now I've added another book to my wish list- that thing is getting huuuugggee... and, I still read books and don't have an e-reader. Who would have thought we would have ever typed that sort of thing? Depression is something I battle against too- it is real and it takes a lot of work to work through what I can and be well. The beauty and authenticity you share here are part of my prescription (I used to be on regular doses of the Ellen show- I would laugh with the dancing and the jokes- good stuff). Red fescue rocks and so do your personality filled dogs. My dog, Willow, has similar Henry ears. :) I absolutely love fall, so I'm ready for the cool down to begin here- although that could be in November- we've had hot days in early November here- that's VA for you!! I hope you find the colors as enchanting as I do soon...xoxo

  6. you crack me up girl... smooches to the pooches.
    eeeeeeeee! see you soon!! xo

  7. There is little I love like the sight of a tractor and some hay bales. Though the square hay bales are funny to me, we always have had big round ones, which are fabulous for sliding off when you're a kid. Or a kid at heart.

    I loved putting together that "David" from Mary Karr's Lit was DFW. That is just...crazy. I think he threw a table through a window? Something like that. But I adore Mary Karr so.

    In the meantime, we are PRAYING fall will descend upon here in MS. Dear GOD, there were insane heat advisories last week. Kids couldn't go outside on the playground! Thankfully a cool front has breezed through and we are all very happy Southerners.

    Wishing SO HARD I was Squamming with y'all this month. It's been too long. Can't wait to see what magic unfolds...

  8. Henry is so wonderful. Looking at him makes me miss my dog who passed away at the beginning of the year.
    Thank you for your lovely photos and writing.


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e