Wednesday, September 19

wear it like a crown

my requisite morning after shot*

okay, it's gonna be that kind of end of the day, I guess -- I just went to link to last year's post-squam shot and they were all gone-- the hell?  flickr, sometimes I like you and sometimes you are a dick.

do I sound like an overtired toddler?  best I stop with the words and go get some sleep-- that is after I take a shower-- there's sand all over my feet (well, that is, all that's left after tracking it all over the house, of course) from taking the dogs to the beach today.

to catch up I need to post photos from our time at the farm and then at the beach today -- another way to say:  prepare for project photo overload.

no photos of squam except those early morning snaps I took -- just no time  it was great, just full out

I think I will be back on my game by the end of this week-- lots of catch up here back in this space charitably referred to as 'the office' - right now, it looks more like something deserving of a rescue reality tv show -


Everyone should have a magic place - somewhere the world drops off and they can sink into this heavenly earth.  I have such a place and each time I return it is more astonishing than the time before:  the farm

we spent a few days there before Squam and after.  I honestly don't have the words to describe the feeling I have when I am there, so I will inundate you with photos instead.


The dogs love it too, even Henry breaks into a run when we crest the hill and head down to the pond.


HENRY: I thought we'd talked about sharing photos with my ears flapping. Please delete and replace them with this.


oh forget the crazy dogs - more light and color and fauna, please.


Okay, so many more to share from that stroll around the farm-- I will save the beach shots from today for tomorrow . .


peace out, e

*apparently I need a record for myself that I was indeed, still standing (if temporarily)

P.S. also, THIS song-- oh my god -- my new theme song (via Terri)


  1. coming here always helps me breathe a little deeper and walk a little slower, and laugh at your commentary about whats going on in the heads of your dogs


  2. Such beautiful photos as always. And Henry with his ears flapping...priceless. Nobody can be dignified ALL the time. And his face is so cute!

  3. Gorgeous photos! It was so nice to meet you at Squam and what a part you put on. Seriously! I never saw you more than a moment or two but incredibly grateful for all that you do. Hopefully next time I will get to chat with you more.

  4. oh girly....when the dogs talk it CRACKS me UP! i'm thinking maybe their own blog? :)

    thanks for the thursday morning levity.

    ~ jennifer

  5. Gorgeous! I am so thankful that I got to go to Squam this year and to meet you. You are amazing, and I love that I get the same feeling I did at Squam when I come to your blog.

  6. oh Ana-- that has to be one of the coolest things anyone has ever said (and people are so incredibly kind) but oh, I am savoring that-- thank you so so much xo, e


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e