Thursday, October 11

not a big deal


Am home for two days. Changing gears. Changing bags.
Lauren and I get in the car and head south tomorrow---

I will be back for reals last week in October. Am missing my dogs like crazy. Just know November, sweet sweet November -- I will be here. Here. In normal life.

With a slow, steady no going nowhere schedule.

And, with any luck-- some good things to share of links, stories and images.

Above and below are some shots from my one night in Rome. Yes, I drove a car into Rome-- all around Rome -- parked it and drove it out to the airport. Not a big deal for most folks but for me-- life changing.

My confidence in myself is a brand-new thing and I am so proud of myself for going straight into the belly of the beast and coming out the other side. Meri Tanaka was traveling with me and at one point we were stopped at a red light and she said, "oh, I don't remember there was an elevator in it."

I looked over at some broken down structure the color of clay and said, "what's that?"

"The Colosseum."

"Oh." It was sweet, but not anything like the intimidating, huge colossal structure I had imagined it to be. In fact, as the light turned green and I sped by, the very words that passed through my head were: not a big deal.


bisous, e


  1. Such an amazing achievement. You couldn't have wished for a better companion for such an adventure than that sweet, beautiful creature up there either. So pleased for you!

  2. Amazing... I'm so happy for you - stretching out of your comfort zone. I don't know if I could have done it.
    See you soon. Can't wait to hug you. xo

  3. you are invincible. and so totally awesome. safe travels, hope you get some rest soon

  4. I can't drive confidently in downtown MINNEAPOLIS. The last time I tried I went down a one way street the wrong way and in the BUS lane AND started driving down the light rail route. I could have died that day. Literally. So, ROME? Yowza woman! Have a great time by the sea. You must be exhausted, but in such a good way. And, considering it is just about mid-October, the end is near. xoxoxoox

  5. Driving in Rome is about the same as driving around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris...or maybe worse! It truly is life changing! Have a safe trip down to the Outer Banks. I hope the ocean renews you before the next event. I'll see you then!

  6. I knew you could do it. You just needed to know it, too...

  7. so proud of you, driving in rome. i would have been a mess! loving so much how you worked through your fears. awesome.

    these photos of italy are just divine...


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