Thursday, November 1

after the storm

It only occurred to me in this moment as I stopped to think what day it is that I am writing to you on the first day of a new month-- ever a favorite thing to do.

I love beginnings. I love the first day of a new month.

Also? October was quite the 3-hour tour and this church mouse is pretty happy to be home and not traveling again for like, ever. The storm on Monday went fairly easy on us. Some big trees and giant branches dropped, but lucky for this street, all landed on pavement and missed cars, roofs, noggins. The worst of it was between 11am and 2pm where it was dark as night and wild outside so I just crawled under the covers and fell into the deepest sleep I can remember in months.


My goal this month is to rest, recalibrate, resume work on the novel and return to a quotidian life of long walks, lots of homemade soup and cracking out the crock pot.

In a word: stultifying for you, dear reader.


The truth is I have a lot to process on all fronts. This was a huge year for me both personally and professionally and I am intent on making some important changes in 2013 in order to take all the learnings from the past five years of creating Squam so that I can clear a brand-new field for projects and plantings that are most dear to my heart.

How's that for mist-covered metaphor?

Well, according to one beloved energy reader in my circle--- my spirit is currently veiled in a great swirl of gray-- so I guess I am gonna have to leave us there for now with a promise of more light, more illumination in the days ahead.

Meantime, here's to a happy first day in the month of giving thanks. I'd like to kick it off with a heart full of gratitude to two angels in my life who have been there for me through all of this. Two people who have been by my side and loving on me since I first posted my first scribbles at bluepoppy in 2004. Both of them were with me in Italy which still blows my mind how that happened. And Tracey was also at Squam by the sea where she gifted ALL. 80. ATTENDEES with the most amazing, gorgeous, one-of-a-kind necklaces that she made for them. A.mazing.

Jecca and Tracey in Italy, October 2012

I am blessed. I am grateful.

more soonest, e


  1. Stultifying? Really?

    Your long walks produce beautiful images that make my heart sing as I sit here in my stultifying (which totally applies here) office.

  2. Stunning photographs of that once turbulent sky in Provy. Your photos make me want to move there!! I feel a grey mist around me too and hope to emerge illuminated as well. Your work is touching hearts and opening so many doors... I am inspired by what you do!!

  3. feeling your blessings and gratitude in these words and images.
    veils of mist, the promise of eventual illumination.

  4. I am wishing for you, a very soft and comforting month to settle back in and regroup. Your photos are lovely - but that last one makes me so happy. xo

  5. Oh E, so much love and gratitude I send back to you! Scrolls couldn't contain the ways you've brought more meaning and joy to my life. The three of us gals in pj's sitting on "my" bed, soul to soul to soul with our vulnerabilities and dreams revealed and honored, was incredibly special to me too. Can't wait until we do it again! Rest up and take very good care of you, dear. xoxo

  6. Lovely images...
    Wishing you restoration, reflection and illumination, beautiful...

  7. I am so glad that the storm didn't hit you hard. I was worried. I think your November sounds exactly perfect. xoxo

  8. Catching up on some blogs today, and this post makes me so happy. Especially the beauties on the last photo - Love!


thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me-- I love that you stopped by and hope something I shared was what you needed today. xo, e