Wednesday, November 7

bundle up and lay low*


*those are the words a dear friend just emailed to me. It resonated deeply and given that outside my window the rain is whipping the leaves and the temperature a raw, unkind cold, I'm gonna follow her advice.

It's weird though. I must simply give over to the weirdness of this month -- the fatigue, the flatness, the endings, the beginnings, the extraordinary comforts, the jarring discomforts-- but today, TODAY -- I must sink into the magic, pure magic of this country and the path it has chosen.

"The American people reelected the president and reelected our majority in the House,” Mr. Boehner said in a statement. “If there is a mandate, it is a mandate for both parties to find common ground and take steps together to help our economy grow and create jobs.

As President Obama so beautifully articulated last night, "I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We’re not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states."

In 2008 I wrote the following with a link even further back to when I first held the vision of Obama as president when it was just one of those crazy-ass-couldn't-possibly-ever-happen-dreams I sometimes conjur up, "Ah, but allow me to explain how I, Miss Avoid-Emotional-Pain-At-All-Costs, could have found herself covering her eyes as she listened to the campaign coverage much like a nervous parent, numbly ripping the cuticles from the bleeding stubs of her fingers as she paces back and forth behind the bleachers, unable to watch her child play in the tournament match for fear of jinxing it."

It should be old hat to me by now. I should be cavalier and shrugging lightly in that gallic way, but there's no chance. I am overwhelmed with the grace and the magic. I have never felt so keenly the good fortune of our blessings, such kinship with so many. Despite everything else going on in my life right now, I have to say 2013 is rolling out sunlit, expansive, full of possibility and ready to surprise me with things I may have secretly longed for but never believed could manifest.

Let the day be as cold, gray and wet as it wants to be-- nothing could put out the well stoked fire within my heart.

And now, the mutts and I shall bundle up and lay low.


More soonest--

bisous, e


  1. There's always sunlight around the corner x

  2. Your home looks so cozy! Wonderful.

    I don't even have words to express how happy I am about Obama being re-elected. I feel like people are finally realizing the importance of social responsibility and moving away from greed.

  3. I'm most pleased as well, especially for all the affirmations of the right of everyone to marry. Hope you're curled up with the pups, some lovely tea and your knitting!

  4. i love your spirit, the well-stoked fire in your heart, you.
    and yay for obama and the notion that we are all more than the sum of our ambitions.

  5. :D Just more and more of these, :D!! Lay low with that huge heart and those lovable mutts. :D


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