Friday, November 2

impossibly perfect


What kind of day has Mary Oliver's newest collection arriving AND Sean Hayes in town with brand new songs off his latest cd?

A very good day, indeed.


It was an afternoon where we walked a whole new path (above) that we'd only been to once before. Somehow I got us lost-- but even that was okay cause the leaves were yellow and the ocean was off to our right and time sort of slid away.

SEAN HAYES at the met: I don't have many photos of any of it. Last night I used my phone to video the man but it wasn't possible to get any really good photos so I didn't bother. He played all the songs I wanted to hear most-- including Lucky Man. Just like you can see in the video there, he had cut his hair and it looked super cute. He even said "I miss my hair" and that was super cute, too. He had SUCH great warm-up bands Birds of Chicago and before them Kayla Ringelheim. SO so so so much goodness. Am super happy, basking in a night of utterly fabulous, soulful music this chill, gray morning.

And, savoring this book of poetry-- oh my word. Each poem hits me deeper than the last. Impossible to choose which one to share.

Impossible. But, for now, I will share this excerpt:

I try to be good but sometimes
a person just has to break out and
act like the wild springy thing
one used to be. It's impossible not
to remember wild and want it back. So

if someday you can't find me you might
look into that tree or--of course
it's possible-- under it.

Mary Oliver
from "Green, Green is my Sister's House" A THOUSAND MORNINGS

bisous, e


  1. New Mary Oliver?? Good think it is almost my birthday! That path looks heaven-sent...xoxo

  2. Or good thinG it is almost my birthday. Geez.

  3. Here's a quote I read about Sean Hayes' voice "this man's voice is like sex on a cloud".

    I dunno about that but he sure is smooth.

    Love Mary Oliver and will be getting her new poetry book to add to read and add to my collection.

    Have a terrific weekend E.


  4. Wow, I love the excerpt...
    For me, I'm learning to act like the wild springy thing I was before, never allowed to be...
    Thanks for sharing beautiful you,

  5. So,um... I thought you were talking about the guy from Will & Grace- yeah, I love that guy! :) Instead, I realized- oh, music, so I'm previewing him now. And, I may be off to that place where my money goes... amazon, to buy the new Mary Oliver too!! Getting lost on that beautiful path sounds like a wonderful non-plan. :) xoxo


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