Saturday, November 10

no song to sing


Well, that isn’t quite right.  There is so much good all around me.  So much to savor from last week (you know, if you exclude the SNOW and the bitter blast of cold, brr . . .) and I am still processing all of that.  But me, personally, I am in a super quiet place. 

Dribs of writing.  Drabs of photo taking.  Super quiet which is exactly where I need to be and feels in alignment with this month of deep burgundy, russet and gold.   

There should be stories pouring out of me.  So much has gone on in the past months.

And yet, there is such a stillness all around me, a complete disconnection from anything remotely energetic like inspiration or creativity.  I have been having long conversations (a blessing on the head to the creator(s) of google hangout) and it feels to me I am not alone in the tuning in to shifting sands.  Someone said to me last night about coming out of the by the sea retreat, “so much soul stirring happens there” and I never thought about it like that.   

My soul has been stirred, is stirring.  That is what is going on with me—and I need to simply observe it and watch to see what is emerging out of that splendid and so mysterious mist.


Meantime, there are always my dogs.  In chatting with someone on at the dog park this morning, I recalled that Daisy’s adoption day was November 12, 2006.  Oh, time.  How you fly.

bisous, e


  1. Was she really ever such a tiny thing!! OMG, those darling dogs. Wish I could give them a smooch. Also, you.

  2. Cute, seeing Daisy's puppy pics.


  3. Adorable now and so cuddly then!! Feeling the love for Daisy I must say!! :)


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