Sunday, November 11

when the blues are a good thing


Yesterday, we took a walk around town. We passed the local high school where a football game was in full marching band fervor with crowds cheering between bleats of the referee's whistle.

As always, when I walk down the west side of college hill where the colonial houses line cobblestone streets, ideas for photo projects surface: a focus on only roofs, only turrets, only name placards (you would not believe some of the names! kooky fun), only street signs (where else but in a city named Providence would the streets be named Friendship, Benevolent, Hope, etc), only funky shutters, only trees .. . it goes on and on.

And I would really like to set that as a goal for myself in 2013. One a month seems possible. I'm gonna have to remind myself of that in December when I do the whole "out with 2012, in with 2013" ceremony . .

Meantime, if there were a focus from yesterday, it would be color. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love that the houses are painted such vibrant colors, how much I love that there are still flowering plants with blooms, how much color feeds my soul.


bisous, e


  1. color feeds my soul as well. thanks for sharing some of yours...

  2. I love that yellow house. Hugs and kisses to you, my dear! xoxox

  3. We have been given a winter reprieve and it is lovely here in NE.

  4. The color and words you've shared bring light in to my life today. Thank you. xoxo


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